Three Brothers

About three wolf brothers separated as cubs to different parts of the country, but fate brings the trio back together...


1. The Three Wolf Cubs

Sophia was a beautiful she wolf, with a dazzling white coat like freshl fallen snow. Her eyes shined crystsl blue, as she looked out for signs of her mate's return. When her mate Ryan finally did return, he came empty handed once again. Ryan was fully black like the sky at night time, his eyes an emerald green. Food was scarce in these parts, and without leadership the wolves were doomed forever. Sophia and Ryan were only half alpha, so as rules go in the forest, if they bare a son, that makes their son a full Alpha, and capable of being ruler. The last Alpha George died about a year ago, and only half bloods could get together to save the wolves in the area. Lucky for the future of the forest, Rysn and Sophia bared a son, three infact. They were strong, and well fed with all the pack searching for food together to keep the only surviving alpha blood line alive and well. These three boys will soon be the stable triangle tha keeps the pack together.

The oldest son had a coat like coal. His fur like the night sky, with tiny flecks of white here and there that he got from his mothers white coat. His eyes were emerald green like his fathers. He was called Gabriel. But for short pther wolves just called him Gabe.

The second oldest son was pure whitr, with flecks of black like bits of dirt stuck in his fur. His dark blue eyes like his mothers. He was called Alexander. But for short, the other wolves just called him Alex.

Finally the youngest son, born an hour after the other two was smaller thsn the others, and a bit of a runt to tell the truth. All the other wolves knew this one was s runy, and unlikely to survive, but they would not dare offend their future alphas, runts or not. This scrawny little wolf cub was a mix of white and black making him completly grey. He had gorgeous yellow eyes. He was called Jeremiah. But for short, the ptjer wolves just called him Jerry.

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