My Guardian Angel

A girl called Jasmine was constantly pushed around, tripped over, and had things thrown at her. But one day a gang of older boys from her school took it too far. They beat her until she was black and blue just for fun. But then their was a fleck of white fur that stepped in their way, before the biggest boy put in his final punh. Her Guardian Angel...


3. The Terrible Attack

When the bell went Jasmine was relieved to be out of that stuffy classroom. Her red rosy cheeks of embaressment slowly turnig pale white once more. She trolled slowly and casusly, trying her best to avoid people trying to trip her up in the hallway. When she finally got outside to the cool refreshing breeze, she suddenly shivered with worry. She remembered the plans for someone to beat her up after scghool. Before anyone could hurt her, she tried to sneak away down an alleyway so no one would see her, but a group of boys began to power walk towards her.

Jasmine began to run as the gang of boys picked up speed. She came to a dead end with a locked high metal gate. She paniked realizing she had nowhere to go. She was trapped, and the boys were all crowding round her now. "get her boys!" the biggest one yelled to his mates. They all begsn punching, and kicking at her. She was trying her best to block the punches, in too much of a shock to fight back. They pumbled her brutely with no mercy or restraint. They just kept on pounding her as hard as thy could. She eventually fell to the floor in agony. She felt quite faint, and exuasted. Her vision had become quite blurred and faded. The biggest boy knelt down beside her as Jasmine moaned in pain. "why?" shr pleaded hoping he would take sypathy on her. The boy just laughed and said "because I can".

He was about to have one final punch at her face when their was low growling sound. All of a sudden a ;arge white fluffy wolf jumped in the way, taking the punch to it's side. The large wolf yelped in pain at thr sudden punch to it's side. The boys started picking up rocks to throw at the wolf. "Get out of the way dumb dog!" They all opened fire on the wolf, throwing hard rocks. The wolf just remained led over the top of the girl so she didn't get caught in the crossfire. The wolf growled with rage as it spoke in a low husky voice "I wouldn't do that again if I were you. I don't take to kindly to being called a dog!" Before the wolf could even attack any of the boyd, they ran away screaming like little girls at the shock of a talking wolf. Jasmine may of also been scared if she wasn't in so much pain. The last thing she saw was a long white snout in her face.


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