My Guardian Angel

A girl called Jasmine was constantly pushed around, tripped over, and had things thrown at her. But one day a gang of older boys from her school took it too far. They beat her until she was black and blue just for fun. But then their was a fleck of white fur that stepped in their way, before the biggest boy put in his final punh. Her Guardian Angel...


2. A Horrible Maths Lesson

Jasmine was suffering the final lesson of the day. It was a maths lesson, and she couldn'y stand thr way the teacher treated her. He would purposly pick on her in order to embaress her, and wpuld a;ways catch her off guard, or on a question he knew she struggled with. Jasmine had to sit and tolerate the harsh whispers going around the room at the time.

"Jasmine is so ugly".

"I think she looks like a toad".

"somebody should kick her head in".

Jasmine sighed and  sought of flinched at the thought of getting beat up. She continued to listen so she didn't get another surprise attack like last week.

"we should totally beat her up after school".

Jasmine gulped in fear. She reached into her pocket for her phone thinking that she could get her dad to pick her up, but she remembered that she left it at home on charge. Her legd began to shake uncontrollably under the table.

"Why can't thay Jasmine girl just die".

"I heard her mum aborted her, but she survived".

"Oh yeah, well I heard her mother ran away when she saw how ugly she was. Her dad only stayed because he's where she gets her looks from".

Jasmine may be fearing a beating after school, but right now she was being verbully beaten. It really hurt, especially because they were offending the only person who had ever been there for her, and blaming her for her ,other running away. Jasmine always wondered if it was really her fault that her mother ran away. She also looked in the mirror every night wondering to herself if she really was as ugly as they said she was. She thought about killing herself as well, but she could never leave her dad behind. Shevjust knows that without her, her father would die inside. Jasmine was just happy that one person at least loved her for her. All that time listening in to the class conversations going on, and thinking to herself, she suddenly realized the time. It was the end of lrsson, an she had nothing to hand in to th teacher to show that she had been working. The teacher humiliated her, yelled atvher, and gave her a week of after school detentions, each an hour long, starting from next week. Everyohe laughed and threw paper balls at her as sh stood at the front of the class, a total freak show!

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