Everyone Can Change

An evil killing machine known only by the name of Wolff, is a ruthless killer, hated by everyone. But one she wolf he just cannot bring himself to kill. Their relationship grows while he holds her prisnor in his ice cold cave. She can see through his darkness to the tiny bit of light tucked away in the shadows. She finds herself fallng in love with Wolff. She intends to delve into his feeling, and destroy the evil by getting him in his weakspot... Wolff has never loved, only love will destroy him... making him the good, other wolves though he would never be...


2. The Deer

Wolff roamed his forest, no wolf in sight, no challengers to take his place. He snootily walked around looking proud of his dark sick life. He sniffed the ground with interest. He could smell urine that had not long been there. It smelt like a female deer. Wolff licked his lips hungrily. /he was never satisfied when it came to food. He always seemed to be hungry. But it was maonly because he was greedy when it came to killing innocent cratures. But to be quite honest, it is in a wolf's nature to kill deer for food. Wolff was on the trail for a meal now. He finally had the deer in sight. He snuck around, using the buses as cover. When he was close enough, he leapt at the deer, going straighy for the neck. In an instant he had ripped the deers throat out, as it fell hard to the floor, lifeless. As blood drained out all over the floor, Wolff began to lap it up like water. It didn't take Wolff very long at all to devour all of the meat from the bones  of the deer. He practically wolfed it down. But being a wolf this was perfectly natural. Whenever Wolff killed, his eyes seemed to glow red with rage. He wad like a demonic deamon that walked the earth.


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