Everyone Can Change

An evil killing machine known only by the name of Wolff, is a ruthless killer, hated by everyone. But one she wolf he just cannot bring himself to kill. Their relationship grows while he holds her prisnor in his ice cold cave. She can see through his darkness to the tiny bit of light tucked away in the shadows. She finds herself fallng in love with Wolff. She intends to delve into his feeling, and destroy the evil by getting him in his weakspot... Wolff has never loved, only love will destroy him... making him the good, other wolves though he would never be...


1. A Killing Machine

Wolff stood over another male wolf, drenched in it's oen blood. Wolff groeled proudly at his kill, as the dead wolf's family fled in fear of their lives. This sat scene, of the dead wolf's mate howling with sorroe, and the cubs whimpering for their fathers loss. Even this didn't hit the killers weak spot. Nothing but anger, rage, and evil filled this murderers heart. The female wolf and her cubs were spared only because they were well hidden. If Wolff caught one whiff of their scent, they would be as dead as the wolf below his gigantic paws. This messed up wolf, half white, half black, symbolizing the good and the bad began to eat his kill. Such an act of eating his own kind made other wolves wondering why he wasn't all black. But the white half of him was the only hope helpless wolves that crossed his path had of survial. Maybe one day he would change. Maybe one day he will be defeated in combat. But until then, this lone wolf of the shadows was avoided like the plague. If you crossed his path, he would show you no murcy. But he wasn't always bad. But to know this, you would have to go way back, when he was still a guardian.


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