The "V" Games

Every year the seniors of Burington Highschool pick one freshman to be in their annual "V" Game.
But, this year everyone predicts it will be between five boys.
Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.
This year they happen to pick the most innocent freshman.
Will she give in to their little "game" or will she put up a fight?
Find out in The "V" Games.
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4. Mall

~~"So what do you think?" I ask the girls. We are currently shopping for the party tonight and I'm the only one who hasn't found an outfit.
 I've picked a tan tank top, a floral skirt, and tan sandals.
"OH MY GOSH ABBY! THAT LOOKS PERFECT!" Perrie exclaims. Danielle and Eleanor nod and they all bicker over who's going to fix my hair and makeup.
"Guys! Can we please pay for the stuff and head down to the food court, because I'm about to starve?" I ask interrupting their arguing.
 We all pay for our stuff and walk to a Chinese restaurant in the food court. I order mine first and go grab us some seats.
"Well hello beautiful." I hear a voice say from behind me and I freeze. I slowly turn around to be met by the beautiful blue eyes and tousled brown hair of Louis Tomlinson.
"What do you want?" I utter coldly.
"Feisty just like I like them." He chuckles.
 "Me and the lads want to know are you going to be at that party tonight?" He asks while pointing behind him. I see the other boys seated at a table two back from ours.
"Why do want to know?" I ask.
"Well if your going to be there then we may make an appearance."
 I'm about to answer, but the girls come back.
"Hey so do y-" Eleanor starts.
"El?" Louis says in a daze.
"Don't call me that." Eleanor retorts sternly.
"El-anor I'm sorry. Please believe me, I truly am."
"What we had is over Louis. You chose your friends over me so now I'm over you." And with that she turned on her heels and walked off.
 By that time the other girls had came to the table and Louis' friends were gathered beside him.
"Ladies, we didn't mean to ruin your fun we just sent Louis over here to ask this lovely lady was she going to the party later tonight." Harry explained with a dimpled smile as he bends down to my ear smiling.
"Your friend Ashley is amazing in bed, you should take some notes from her." He says smirking and I slap him right on his cheek.
"I hate you Harry Styles." I yell at him.
 He and the lads stare in shock as I get up and run to the bathroom.
When was Ashley gonna tell me about this?
I cannot believe she would do something like this.
 I'm interrupted from my thinking when me and a hard being collide.
"Ugh, just fucking great." I yell while trying to untangle myself from the hard body.
"I'm so sorry."the person apologizes.
"It's okay Abby, but are you alright?". I look and I see Ashton looking down at me.
"Oh Ashton I'm so sorry and yes I'm okay, just having a rough day." I tell him while we pick my bags.
"You know you can talk to me about anything right?"
"Yeah, but it's a long story."
"Well we go three hours 'til closing time so I'm all ears." He tells me grinning.
 I explain to him everything that's happened since Monday, but I leave out the part about Ashley and Harry.
"Wow. I really didn't think it could be that bad." He says shocked.
 I check my phone and I have five missed calls and thirty text messages so I call Dani back. The phone rung about three times until she picked up.
"Hey D-" I start to say until I'm cut off by her yelling
"ABIGAIL REBECCA CROWN, WHERE ARE YOU?! WE'VE LOOKED EVERYWHERE!" Danielle shouts into the mobile device.
"Did you try looking near the entrance?" I ask her calmly.
"Yes! We've looked everywhere." Dani repeats.
 I hear high-pitched voices and yelling and I see three girls running towards me, they all engulf me in a hug.
"Well I guess I'm just a piece of chopped liver." Ashton says pouting.
"Oh shutup Ash." El says slapping playfully him.
"Abby are you ready yet?" Perrie screams throughout my house.
 We're all rushing to get ready and I've lost my other shoe.
"Yeah almost read-AHHHHH" I scream as I fall.
"Abby are you okay?" Danielle asks while trying to hold back a laugh.
"Yes. Just peachy!" I sarcastically reply trying to untangle myself from the hot pink rug in my room.
 I finally find my other sandal and while we wait for Ashton mom makes us take pictures.
 I hear a knock at the door and instantly become nervous.
What if he doesn't like my house?
What if my mom brings out baby pictures?
"Abby are you gonna go answer the door sweetie?" My mom asks ripping me from my thoughts.
"Y-Yeah mom, just a minute." I nervously reply.
 l make my way to the door, take in a deep breath, and open it to find attractive looking boy named Ashton.
"Wow Abby you look amazing!" He compliments me and I feel my cheeks heat up.
"The only amazing one is you." I say in a whisper. I feel a cold hand grab my wrist and I turn around.
"ABBY! DID YOU OPEN THE DOOR?" My mom yells while we jump away from eachother.
"Y-Yes ma'am I did."
 I lead him into the family room and go grab my purse.
"-she's so beautiful, she makes me laugh, and her personality is great."
 Ashton's strong accent rang out.
"So tell her how you feel!" Danielle exclaims.
 I purposely clank down the stairs to let them know I'm here and we leave.

Okay I promise another chapter in the next two days and more 1D in the next chappieeeeee!
Also I'm working on a new fanfic called Flower Girl(Harry Styles) and I think it'll be really good:)
Who's your favorite band member and why?

Well bye for now:)

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