The "V" Games

Every year the seniors of Burington Highschool pick one freshman to be in their annual "V" Game.
But, this year everyone predicts it will be between five boys.
Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.
This year they happen to pick the most innocent freshman.
Will she give in to their little "game" or will she put up a fight?
Find out in The "V" Games.
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2. Lunchtime

Abby's POV
"Finally lunch!" Natalie exclaims.
 I look up and kids are piling out of the door.
 I get out of my seat and Nat walks with me to the cafeteria.
"Hey, Abby, would you like to sit with my friends and I at lunch?" Natalie asks as we head down the long hallway.
"Sure, but we may have to add a plus one."
 She nods, and shows me where to sit.
 I start to get in line, until I run into a hard body.
 I look up to be met by a pair of pretty brown eyes.
(A/N LOOK UP "PRETTY BROWN EYES" BY CODY SIMPSON!!! HE"S A SEX GOD!!!Now back to the story:) )
"Well hello." a thick British accent says.
 I stand there dazed, because I just ran into the one and only Zayn Malik.
 "Love are you going to let go?" he says with a smirk present on his full pink lips. I blush and remove myself from his body. I say a quick apology and I head for the line, but I'm stopped by a cold hand on my wrist.
"I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name. My name's Zayn, but telling by the look you just gave me I'm pretty sure you already know that." he says chuckling at me.
"My name's Abigal, but you can call me Abby." I say while getting a salad. I'm usauly not one to pick a salad, but my choices are Mystery Meat and burnt pizza sticks.
"Hmm, Abby, I like that name." he says taking his bottom lip in between his teeth making him look hotter than usual.
"Well, Abby, would you like to sit with me and a couple of my friends?" he ask smiling showing his perfect white teeth.
 I was about to take up on the offer until I remembered who I was talking to.
"No I'm fine with my seating arrangements, and don't think I'm some stupid girl, who is going to give in to your stupid little plan. Honestly, I'd rather eat alone than sit with you and your 'friends'." I say confidently.
 I know I was jumping to conclusions but you can't take any chances.
 I turn on my heels, and make a beeline to the lunch table, not daring to look back.
"What was that all about?" Natalie asks when I sit down.
"I don't know, but it was weird." I say with a disgusted expression. Noticing that I wanted to drop the conversation, she introduced me to her friends that I finally noticed.
"Ashton, Calum, Luke, Michael, Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor meet Abby." Natalie points to the seven others. I wave at them all shyly, and they all engage themselves in one another's conversations, while I pick at my "salad" or whatever you'd call it. I take this time to take in all their appearance them. Danielle has tan skin and curly brown hair, Eleanor has brown hair and sparkling brown eyes, and Perrie has bleach blond hair and icy blue eyes. They're all very stunning girls, and that made my self esteem lower by a million if that was even possible. Ashton has light brown/darkish blond hair, and cute dimples, Luke had blond hair and light blue eyes, Calum had tan skin, and dark brown almost black hair, and Michael had pale skin, pink hair, and blue almost grey eyes. They were all very handsome boys.
"So, Abby, how's your first day at Burington High been so far?" Ashton asks with a dimpled smile.
"To be honest, it's been very tiresome and lonely. The only friends I've made so far are you guys, and really glad I met you all." I reply giving them a warm smile.
 Just then Ashley walks into the cafeteria with Charlotte. They follow my gaze and I feel tears well up in my eyes, but I quickly wipe them away.
"You okay love?" Eleanor worriedly asks. I give her a small nod and I go back to picking at my salad.
 This isn't the first time Ashley's traded me for one of "them". But, what she doesn't know is that I used to be one of them. Charlotte and I used to be inseperable, but sadly Jace came along and stole something from her that couldn't be replaced. She was mad at the world. She didn't come to school for about four weeks, and when she came back she shut me out of her life.
 I'm interrupted from my thoughts by a pair of emerald eyes peering at me from across the lunch room. Not just any eyes, but Harry Styles eyes.
 I gave him a confused look and he smirked. I avert my attention back to the group, but every once and a while I'd be met by those eyes and that smirk.
 The bell rung loudly and everyone start making their way back to class. I say goodbye to my new friends and made my way to English.
 English was possibly the worst class I had all day. I was stuck in a hot and stuffy room for ninety minutes, and the worst part was that I had to sit with a sophmore that smelled of armpit.
 As soon as the bell rang I made my way to my last class of the day.
 I love a lot of things, but Music was my passion. I've loved to sing ever since I was a little girl. My mother and father used to sing to me all the time when I was smaller.
 I walk into the classroom and I'm greeted by several familiar faces. Ashton, Perrie, Calum, Michael, and Luke were all in my class.
 Perrie motions for me to come sit by them and Ms. McCants, our teacher, comes in and starts class.
"Well, we will be introducing ourselves to each other, but you have to sing your introduction. Any questions?" Ms. McCants explains. No one asks anything so we all move into a big circle and she tells us to start.
 A few girls went and then it was my turn. I sung my name and told them I liked cats.
"You have a beautiful voice." Ashton tells me with a dimpled smile. I wonder if I can poke his dimples.
"Ashton can I poke your dimples." I blurt out. He looked at me funny and I blush. Great going he probably thinks I'm a weirdo now...
"Yea sure. I didn't mean to embarrass you it's just that no one's ever asked me that." He says making me stare in awe. How can one go without poking his cheeks, I literally only been here for six hours and I've already asked. I go up close to his face and I see him smile really big. I poke his dimples and his cheeks turn a deep cherry red. I laugh and I turn my attention back to the people introducing their selves.
 Mrs. McCants dismisses class and we all head out.
"So you and Ashton eh?" Perrie says scaring the living daylights out of me.
"I don't know what you're talking about Perrie." I say nervously.
"Oh come on Abby. They way you look at him, they way he looks at you. It seems to me that you have developed a little crush on our little Ashton."
 I blush and Perrie laughs. Eleanor comes up and they start talking about a party.
 "Hey Abby do you wanna go to a party Friday night after the football game, since this loser won't go." Eleanor asks laughing as Perrie pouts.
"Hey! I am not a loser, I just don't wanna be out late. We do have a test in Mr. L's class Monday and I don't want to fail it." Perrie explains.
"Yea ok Miss Fun-Sucker, me and Abby will have the best night ever while you're stuck in your room studying." Eleanor says trying to persuade her into coming.
"Okay okay, I will on ONE condition though." She looks at us and we nod for her to continue. "We have to be back before 2 am."
 Eleanor and I give our okays and we go outside of the school.
"Oh yeah and Abby I heard Ashton's gonna be there." Perrie winks and I blush.
"Well bye guys I better go find Ashley before I get left behind." I tell them as I walk away.
"Abby give us your number and we'll talk later." Perrie exclaims.
 I give them my number and I rush to Ashley's car. I open the door to see Ashley already buckled up.
"Hey I haven't seen you all day." she says looking back to her phone.
"Well you were hanging out with Charlotte all day so I'm not surprised." I tell her feeling like her rebound friend.
"Oh come on Abby, don't act like that. I'm still the same old Ash and I'm sorry we didn't hang out today, I was going to sit with you at lunch, but you seemed a little occupied."
 We pull up to my house as I'm about to reply. I thank Ashley's mom and I go into my house.
 I head straight to the kitchen and I see a note,
Abby I have to work overtime. There's a twenty on the counter and you can invite Ashley over.
Love you!
 I slowly trudge up the stairs to my room and plop down on my bed. I do most of my homework and I fell my eyelids shut. I let the darkness take over and I fall into a deep slumber.


"Abigail?Are you home sweety? Eric? Are you home? Is anyone home?" my moms calls from downstairs. I can hear the worry in her voice and I quickly answer.
"In here mom! I'm home!"
 I hear her climb up our old staircase and she slowly enters my room looking tired.
"So how was your day?" My mom asks. Her blonde hair falling out of its ponytail. I look into her green eyes running wild with curiosity.
"It was actually fun. I met lots of new people and I got two of their numbers." I tell her grinning like a Cheshire cat.
 "Well sweetheart I'm glad you had a wonderful day. I'll leave you alone while I go question your brother on why I got a call on the first day of school." she says laughing. She slowly gets off my bed and exits my room. As she exits I get a text from Perrie.
From:Perri-Perri Chips
Hey chicka! Danielle, Eleanor, me, and the boys are going to the local pizza parlor were wondering if you wanted to come? xx
To:Perri-Perri Chips
Sure I'd love to. Text me the address and I'll be there:*
From:Perri-Perri Chips
Yayyyy! 232 Cardine Rd. Be there in 20! Btw Ashton really wants you to come;)
 I tell my mom where I'm going and I take the ten minute bus ride to the parlor. As I walk I see everyone already seated and I walk in.
"Hey! Look who finally decided to show up!" Perrie says as I'm taking off my coat, I stole a seat between Danielle and Michael.
"So Abby are you going to the party Friday night, because I heard everyone's gonna be there." Perrie asks winking. I nod my head and answer. "If you say everyone is going to be there I guess I'll make an appearance." I reply in a posh voice, making them all laugh.
"Well if Abby's going then I'll go." Ashton says. We all stare at him and he realizes what he said and blushes."You know to show her around, because I know you goons won't." he quickly adds.
"Well who wants pizza?" Danielle asks. A chorus of yea's go around and we agree on a pizza. One third pineapple for Ashton and Perrie, another third pepperoni for me and Michael, and Calum and Dani get cheese. We start talking about our day and the party. Dani, Perrie, El, and I decided to go dress shopping Thursday night. After a while we get up to leave. To be honest I had an overall fun night.
 We all say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.
"Hey Abby! Wait up!"
 I turn around and I see Ashton running towards me.
"Do you need a ride to the party Friday night?"
"Sure! Give me your number and you can text me the details."
 He gives me his phone and I do the same. I make my contact name AbbyyyDaSexyyyMonstaaa and return his phone.
 We give each other a hug and we go our seperate ways. I take the bus ride home and I walk in my house to see my mom and brother already asleep.
 I go to my room and change into my pjs, hop in my bed and sleep for the second time today.


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