Only Once.

One night. That's all it was. She never thought anything of it. He never thought anything of it. They just met up one night in a bar. She didn't realise what she had gotten herself into.. He didn't realise how badly he could have hurt her. She wasn't told who he was. He never told her. She was scared. He was scared. She had never had so many people turn against her all at the same time. He had never hurt anyone like that before. She had never been serious about relationships before. He had never met a girl like her before. She didn't know if she was ready... But he did.


3. The next morning.

I stretched my arms above my head, and made baby dinosaur noises. I yawned a few times then finally opened my eyes. And I didn't recognise what I saw. It was definitely not my bedroom. I sat up slowly and tried to remember why I was not in my own- oh. I remember. I looked around quickly and saw that I was lying on my own. There was something very familiar about this room. I felt like id been in here before. I remember Liam, so this must have been his room, but it felt like I had seen this room a hundred times before. In fact, now that I think about it, there was something familiar about Liam. I furrowed my eye brows as I tried to think about why I recognised Liam. I climbed out of bed and reached for my clothes that were lying at the side of the bed when a picture underneath the bedside table caught my eye. I picked it up and in folded it. There was five boys standing around, posing and smiling. It took a second for my eyes to a just to this photo, but when they did, I quickly dropped it and gasped. I scurried to my feet and leaned against the wardrobe. I then spotted a note lying on the bed next to where I was only a few seconds erlier. I went over to read it;

Dear Lucy. I've gone out with the boys for a while, but I won't be long. I hope that you will still be there waiting for me when I get home, I really enjoyed your company last night. Love, Liam.

I let the note slip from my hands and glide to the messy bedroom floor below. Was this actually happening? Was I really in HIS house? Had I woke up in HIS bed? And I done anything with HIM? All these questions raced through my brain, and it felt like it was going to blow up. I needed to get some fresh air, so I went and flung the window open, only to see three girls standing outside the house. "THERE!" One of them called. "SHE IS THE ONE WHO SLEPT WITH LIAM!!" Another yelled. They started to yell vile things at me, so I slammed the window shut and sprinted over to the bathroom. There was a wet towel on the floor, so Liam had obviously had a shower this morning. I still couldn't get my head around it. Had I slept with HIM? HIM, being the one and only MR. LIAM PAYNE!

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