Only Once.

One night. That's all it was. She never thought anything of it. He never thought anything of it. They just met up one night in a bar. She didn't realise what she had gotten herself into.. He didn't realise how badly he could have hurt her. She wasn't told who he was. He never told her. She was scared. He was scared. She had never had so many people turn against her all at the same time. He had never hurt anyone like that before. She had never been serious about relationships before. He had never met a girl like her before. She didn't know if she was ready... But he did.


1. one night.

I stood leaning against the bar, scanning the room for anybody decent. Nada.. I huffed and went back to my table. I gripped onto the bottom of my skirt as I sat, or else I might have revealed a bit too much. I continues to glance around the room, searching everywhere. Some one.. Any one... I didn't want to have to loose £100. Katie had bet me that I could not pick up a guy when we went out on a girls night. And guess what? We were out on a girls night and I hadn't picked up a guy. I could see Katie dancing across the room, with some random guy I had never seen before, a bit too close her we bum.. Not a very pleasant view. I snatched my drink off the table and sipped in furiously. I hated when people got the better of me. I furrowed my eye brows so much, it started to hurt. I bet I looked like a pouting child. The music seamed to have gotten louder, and I could feel my ear drums vibrating. I tilted my head back and held the bridge I my nose, trying to block out at least a segment of the noise surrounding me. I sighed once more and pulled my head back up straight. I looked over to where I had seen Katie dancing, and saw her and that guy, making their way over to a deserted cupboard. Nice. I stood up and trudges back over to the bar. But, I didn't realise that my heal was caught in the fabric draping off the chair. My ankle twisted round the wrong way, and it sent me head first into the ground. As the stone floor got closer and closer to my face, I braced myself for impact, by tucking my arms close to my chest. I closed my eyes and waited for the smash of my nose making contact with the ground. But it didn't happen. My eyes flew open and I looked around. I was in someone's arms. Great. I stood myself up and looked at them. I couldn't really see their face, but I knew it was a male. "Thank you." I called over the music. I tried to walk away, but there was a sudden shooting pain in my ankle, and I tripped once again. He caught me again and held onto my waist, making sure I was stable. "Maybe I should look at that!" He shouted over the music. "Why are you a doctor!" I shouted back. He grinned and towed me out side. The sudden rush if freezing air caused me to suck in a sharp gasp. The boy sat me on a bench and crouched at my foot. I just sat shivering, trying to keep as much of my body heat close to me as possible. He must have noticed, because he slipped his leather jacket off his shoulders and place it around mine. "Thanks.." I muttered shyly. He then sat down beside me, just looking up at the stars. "I never got your name.." I said, watching him glance around the night sky. This beautiful eyes met mine as he began to speak. "Liam." He smiled. "I'm Lucy.." I introduced my self. He put his hand infront if him and I shook it quickly. We continued to sit in science for a while, until Liam looked at me again. "Do you.. Wanna come back to mine for a while?" His eyes now focused on the floor as he muttered the words, just loud enough for me to make out. Suddenly a huge smile was plastered on my face and my stomach was filled with gymnastic butterflies. "Sure.." I said, trying to sound calm. He sighed with relief and helped me up onto my feet. I hobbled off to his car and climbed in the passenger side. He lived quite far away, so, to stop any awkward silence, he flicked the radio on. The first song that came on was 'Little Things' by my favourite band One Direction. Liam went to turn it over, but he saw me singing along, and swiftly moved his hand back to the steering wheel.

When we eventually got back to his house, he helped me inside, and sat me on his sofa. I was sitting there for a while until Liam came out holding two glasses of wine...

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