What Happed To Us

What happens when I remind him about us, about our friendship. Will he still remember? Or will he pretend it never happened?

*i will not be continuing this story, I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 2015 me is very embarrassed


5. Chapter 5

As the bell was about to ring for the next period, which was music, my favorite class I was about to get up from the position I was in, when suddenly the nurse walks in

"Sweetheart, oh please don't get up you have serious burns and you wouldn't want to be in more pain then you already are"

"Then how am I going to go to my next class?"

"We'll just keep you here until school is over"

"Then how am I going to get home?"

"Hmmm..." As she paused for a second thinking how the heck I was getting home like this "oh that lovely boy Niall can take you"

Really did she really say that lovely boy Niall like seriously your joking right

"Ummm are you sure he should take me home?"

"Yes why not? He did bring you here"

Yeah he brought me here and look what has happened to me I'm all burnt on my stomach and legs

I had no choice but to say yes, even though I would rather sleep in the nurses office then go home because of my drunk ass my who doesn't do shit but slaps me for no reason what's so ever

They called Niall out of class so he can get the information to where I lived, but he probably knew where I lived because we used to be best friends, oh how I missed those days...

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