What Happed To Us

What happens when I remind him about us, about our friendship. Will he still remember? Or will he pretend it never happened?

*i will not be continuing this story, I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 2015 me is very embarrassed


3. Chapter 3

Once PE was over I ran to the locker room to get changed and ran back out to go to my next class, this was the class where I could take a break from the boys, this was just a class where I can actually take a moment of silence and say to myself '1 hour please don't go by so fast', but out of my luck it did go by fast, I was actually scared to go to my next class, because the boys were going to be there again, my next class was science and we were going to do an experiment, when I got to class the teacher told the whole class to find a partner, I really didn't want to cause I knew that if I asked someone to be my parter they would just say no, once everyone was done picking a parter I was the only one without one, so I just sat there until teacher told me who I was going to be partners with.

"Camryn, since you don't have a partner I'll just have to have a group of three, so you'll be with...."

While the teacher was looking for the group I was going to be in, I was hoping I wasn't going to be with any of the boys, but out of my luck again, she chose a group that would ruin my life

" ok you'll go sit with Niall and Jessica"

I stood there thinking 'she can't do this to me, out of everyone in this class she chose me to be partners with them

"We'll go on you don't want to keep the class waiting"

As I started walking to the table, there were people saying "there going to make your life a living hell"" i wouldn't be surprised if you died during the experiment" I tried blocking them out of my head but I couldn't

As I got to the table I took my seat and just listened to the instructions on what to do, when the teacher was done telling us what to do I was about to go to work when suddenly, freakin Jessica poured hot water on me, It was burning like heck,I fell to the floor cause it hurt so badly, the teacher saw me on the floor and ran to me as quick as possible and said " oh my god what happened here!"

"She accidentally knocked over the hot water on herself" Niall said, oh how I wanted to slap him in the face for lying, just to protect his girlfriend

"Is this true?" The teacher said, I just layed there wanting to tell the truth, then Niall looked at me mouthing ' if u tell her the truth I will beat the crap outta you' I was scared now, so I had to lie

"Yes it's true" I said, I killed me on the inside to say those words, but I had to

" ok then, I'll send you to the nurses office so she can check you , but somebody is going to have to come with you, ahh Niall you can take her"

Really why did she have choose Niall I could of just walked by myself, wait never mind I can't even get up, as he carried me out the door I could see Jessica at the corner of my eye looking envy of me maybe because Niall was carrying me bridal style

When we got to the nurses office he put me down on the bed, hoping he would leave, but when he was about to he said " you deserved what just happened"

I thought to myself what did I do wrong to deserve this

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