I love you not because of anything you have, but because of something that I feel when I’m near you.


1. Andie Walitski

Hey, I'm Andie Walitski. I'm 19 and I'm obsessed with cats. I think I have like at least 20 posters of cats hanging on my wall. Anyway, both of my parents are from Europe. My dad is from Poland and speaks fluent English and Polish. My mother is from Italy and speaks fluent Italian and English. Both of my parents are alcoholics but my mom has been sober for almost a year. I have 2 older siblings Lillie and Brooks. As you can see, my dad named my brother and my mom named me and my sister. We're the only Americans in our family. My father is a highly respected general in the US army. He's in Afghanistan right now and I haven't seen him in almost a year. My mum was a painter until my dad left but she's starting to get back into the groove. Both of my siblings are working and I'm stuck here in wonderful Doncaster, England with my bipolar mother. Don't get me wrong I love my mom, it's just shes up my butt 24/7. The divorce left me confused, broken and scared to love. I know I'll never love someone because of my childhood. 


Gisella Marengo as Andie's mom. 


Louis Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson

And all of One Direction is in it too.


**Authors note:







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