Big mistake

HELLO MY NAME IS MACY CHERREZ I USED TO GET BULLY BECAUSE OF MY NAME BUT AFTER THAT ONE NOGHT EVERYTHINH CHANGEto read the story it will be coming soon I wanna know if your intrested


7. finally free

I'm finally free I yelled I went to go get my keys and go to Starbucks as I was there I opened the door and went to the line as it was my turn I orderd a venti vanilla bean and waited for them to call my name 5 minutes later they called my name thank you I said and sat down on a chair and got my iPhone out and went to Twitter and checked that I got 40 more followers I was so happy now I have 1,000 followers then I went to vine and saw if there was any new vines there was and I kept giggling people kept staring but then ignored after I was done I went to my car to drive back home as I got home I went to go change I went to go put my pjs and put my hair an a bun and take my makeup off and went to sleep

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