Big mistake

HELLO MY NAME IS MACY CHERREZ I USED TO GET BULLY BECAUSE OF MY NAME BUT AFTER THAT ONE NOGHT EVERYTHINH CHANGEto read the story it will be coming soon I wanna know if your intrested


3. can't belive you

I walked in and saw my boyfriend kissing my best friend GET OUT I yelled even though I was in tears I dropped on the hard cold floor and started crying I can't belive them I whispered I got up and grabbed a knife and held it too my heart about to my pressure all of my strength until I said what am I doing I can't do this it just getting to me I tried to wipe my tears but my mascara was smushed up to my cheeks I went to my room too change to a Mickey Mouse long sleave crop top in black and white with some mid waste shorts and some red and black converse and went to the bathroom I went to get remove makeup pads and took off my make up and put new make up perfect I said I'm just going to go to the movies and watch catching fire (if you don't like the hunger games you can change the movie if you don't like the hunger games) (skip the movies too much info )as I was walking out of the theaters I went to my car and saw the guy that haunted me for years I got on the car and left right away he looked comfused

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