Living with the boys

Hey ! I'm Crystal Malik and I'm Zayn's Sister :) . I live with the boys and my best friend Ella , during the boys stay in England there's a roller coaster ride of trouble . What will happen to us and the boys?


1. concert (part 1)

Crystals P.O.V

' AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER!! ' me and my best friend screamed while my brother and the boys were on stage performing . We were dancing and singing through the whole thing! At the end of the concert Zayn said he was getting some special guests to come on and I was confused cause he tells me about all of the performances. I looked over and Harry was coming over , I started to say " hey harr- " I got cut off cause Harry scooped me up and took me bridal style to the stage , I was plopped down I front of Zayn and I whispered to him " what's going on??" He ignored me and said into his mic " so as you all know this is my adorable little sister .." I tried to run off but Harry grabbed me and I blushed uncontrollably ... ( I really like him )

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