The photograph



Hey guys this is my first ever movella and I don't normally post my fanfic hope you like it

The light slowly flickered on, invading every little crack and crevice in the room. Heaving myself up the ladder, I flopped onto the carpet, a million delicate particles of dust scattering themselves around my body. I could feel a cough developing in my throat but I held it back and stumbled to my feet. Ever since I had met them, I had been visiting my dead parent's house. I had explored pretty much every inch of their cabin, but never before had I ventured into the attic. Inhaling the musky scent in the room, I knelt down next to a small, rotting cardboard box. I gently peeled back the flaps that covered its contents, my eyes squinting to get a good look at what was inside. Lined along the bottom of the box was a set of ornate, hard bound books. My fingers wrapped themselves around the spine of one of the books, heaving it out of the box. It's printed paper almost seemed to invite me in to discover its secrets. Gradually opening the cover, my emerald eyes widened in shock as I realised it was a photo album. I stared long and hard at each photo, admiring every one. There were photos of mum, her chocolate locks flowing in the wind, and Dad, with his smile invading half of his face. I couldn't help but grin at the photos of the two of them together. As I turned to the last page, a certain photo caught my eye. I scanned it thoroughly. The caption below the photo was - 'That day, The day that I met you'

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