Things I Can't


1. His Everything

His eyes. His hair. His arms. His lips. His nose. His cheeks. His teeth. His everything.

Maybe it's the way he walked, down the street and caught my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks and look over, people push me over and over again, "Keep Walking!" I shake his imagine out of my head and keep going, I do not want to be late to work again.

I look at my watch, 10:30 am. Uh-Oh i'm 30 min late. Simon's going to kill me! I start to run to the building, I

enter "Hi Linda" I say to the desk lady as I enter the building. "Hello" she smiles at me. I go onto the lift and press 8 the highest level of the building.

I hear the ding signalling that it's time

to get off, I check the time. 10:45am. I'm almost an hour late. Simon is definatly going to kill me! I walk fast to the room. I see the door knob, I gulp and go to it. I put my hand on the handle and push it slowly.

"HARRY STYLES!" I wince at the voice, I enter the room quitetly and sharply swallow. "uh uh uh"

he looks at me, his eyes buring into mine, I look away and see the boys looking at me. I see a boy who I didn't know, I cock my head to the side and I hear Simon call to me. "Harry, I'd like you to meet Louis." he points to the boy I was looking at, "Hello!" he said in the most exciting voice. "He's the new addition to the band" I look at Louis again. "Hi Louis" I go to shake his hand but he hugs me instead.

I'm shocked by his actions but I just give in and hug him. He smelt nice, we finally pull away and I smile, the smell still lingers my nose. Simon starts talking but I cancel him out and look at the boy Louis infront of me. He was the man of my dreams.

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