Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


9. Soooory

Gabriela's POV.         

I walked over to Floras locker. She was sitting down in the floor really worried. I sat next to, she dint notice me.

"You ok?" I said making her jump.

"Omg!! You scared the shit outta me!" She said.  "Are you ok now?" She asked.

"Yeah Louis explained." I said. "Im sorry for..not talking to you and for believing Lilian, I was so stupid." I said.

"Its ok, now lets go to class and yes, yes you were." She said. We got up and walked to class.

•••••••••••••later that day••••••••••••••

The last bell rang and we all left the class. Flo, Lou and I walked out the school. 

"You guys want to go bowling?" Louis asked.

"Sure." We said. "Is it ok if i invite Liam and the guys?" She asked.

"Sure." Louis said. "Ok see you around 7?" He said. 

"Ok, see ya." She said as she left. I was still a bit sad of what happened today. Its just...i thought it was true...but it couldn't. Why did i believe Lilian? Louis put his arms around my waist. Making me snap out of my thought. 

"You ok?" He asked. 

"Im fine." I said. "Gabriella!" He said. I sigh. "Fine, Im sad." I said. He hugged me and kissed my head. We pulled away.

"I love you, Gabriella Ari-ari-ari. How ever your last name is pronounced." He said. I giggled he never knew how to pronounce my last name 'Aristud' its a really weird last name. See i was born in Puerto Rico and its originally pronounced in spanish. So it was really hard for him and everyone to pronounce. 

"Aristud!" I said. "Yeah that!" He said. 

"I love you too Louis Tomlinson!" I said. He dropped me of. 

"Pick you up at 6:30?" He asked. I nodded then walked into my house. When i closed the door i turned around and saw...What? My older brother! I ran over to him. He hugged me. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked excitedly. 

"Im moving back!! I finished my studies!" He said.

"Omg!! Im so happy, i missed you so much!!" I said as i walked into the kitchen. I saw a note. It said.

      "Gabriella im not going   
 to be back 'till next week.
   Love you. Ohh and theres a 
  Surprise  your gonna love it.


"I think you are the surprise."  I said to David. He nodded. It was 3:30. So I had 3 hours to eat and get ready. 

"Wanna order pizza?" David asked me.

"Sure." I said. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. He ordered the pizza. We sat down and watched TV. Sussie came down stairs.

"Whats to eat?" She asked.

"Pizza." We both said. "Kk." She sat down next to us. The pizza came and we ate. I went upstairs to get ready. I took a shower. I put on my eyeglasses(i never take them off). I took a pink crop top that said 'GEEK' in black and a pair of black skinny jeans. I straightened my hair. I got a text from Louis.

L: I'll be there in 5 min. xx

G: Kk Lou. xx
I grabbed my purse and put my phone in it. I waited for a while and i heard the doorbell and i ran downstairs. 

"I'll get it." I shouted. "Good 'cause i wasn't going to get up." David said.
I opened the door. 

"Hey boo!" Louis said. I knew David hear 'cause he got up and walked over to us.

"David?" Louis said. "Louis my man." David said as he gave him one of those man hugs. 

"Um...may i know where are you going with my sis? Are you still best friends?" David asked.

"Umm....more than friends." Louis said as he put his arm around my waist. "And we are going bowling." Louis finished. David was.. Um frozen. 

"Bye Davs!" I said and kissed his cheek i pushed Louis out the door.

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