Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


10. 'Save it!'

Louis POV.

I fell on the doorstep 'cause Gabriella pushed me out the door.

"What was that all about?" I asked her while we both got up.

"I dont know...I just...he didnt know...and well....lets just go." She said. I put my arm around her waist but she pulled away. We got to my car and I drove to the bowling alley. She was really quiet.

"Is everything ok Boo?" I asked she nodded 'yes'. I put my hand in hers. We got to the bowling alley.

"Hey!" Flora started shouting and waving her arms. I saw a smile on Gabriella's face.

"Is that Flora?" I asked. I knew it was her but still.

"Yeah, thats my little idiot!" She said. I got out my car and helped her get out. We walked hand in hand.

"I love you." I whispered in her ear. She smiled and got closer. I put my arm around her waist. We entered the bowling alley. We all said are 'hellos'. We grabbed are bowling shoes and started playing.


We were almost at the end of the game. We were tie. Flora, Gabriella and I.

"Your going down!" Gabriella said.

"In your dreams!" Flora said. Gabriella threw the ball and made a strike. "Yeah!" She cheered. It was Floras turn. She missed one pin. Now its my turned. I missed 2 pins. Gabriella started cheering. I ran to her and grabbed her waist and put her in the air. This was a great night.


Gabriellas POV

"It was a great night!" I said.

"Yeah."Clau said.

"Well see you guys." We all said our goodbyes and headed off. Louis dropped me off at my place. When i entered David ran over to me and stared. He smelled like beer so he was drinking.

"What?" I asked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"I didn't need to tell you!" I shouted.

"I needed to know!" He shouted back.

"No you didn't! You'r not my father!" I shouted. He slapped me across the face. I put my hand on my cheek and then he realized what he did.

"Gabriella I'm so-" he started. I cut him off.

"Save it." I said and ran up stairs. I packed some clothes and called Louis. I couldn't stay here tonight. David would not leave me alone.

"Hey." Louis said.

"Can you pick me up please." I said as i stared crying.

"I'll be right there." He said and hung up. A few minutes later a heard a car pull up i saw through the window it was Louis. I ran downstairs with the bag of clothes and opened the door. I ran to Louis's car and got in. When i got in i started to cry. Louis quickly put his arms around me.

"Whats wrong?" He asked worried and then I removed my hands from my face.

"Who did this to you?" He asked. I could see his eyes filled with pain and anger.

"David." I managed to say.

"What?" He shouted.

"Please Lou don't do anything can we just get outta here." I said. He sighed and drove to his house.


We finally got to Louis house. He opened the door and we walked to the living room.

"Thanks Lou. Im only going to stay for one night." I said.

"You stay as long as you like Boo." He said and kissed my forehead. Then Louis mom (Johannah) entered.

"Ohh..hi Gabriella." She said.

"Hi." I said and smiled.

"Mom can she stay here for a few days?" He asked and looked at me.

"Sure stay as long as you need. Well now i need to go. Theres an emergency at the hospital" She said.

"Bye mom" Louis said.

"Bye." I said. We headed to Louis's room.

"You are going to stay here, with me." He said and kissed my lips softly.

"Ok, can you point me to the bathroom?" I said and picked some pj's from my bag. He took my hand and leaded me to the bathroom.

"Thanks. Now shoo!" I said as i signaled my hands for him to leave. He laughed and left. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I put on a black pajama pants with red kiss marks all over it and a with a t-shirt that said 'Applaud me'. I walked into Lou's room and he was on his bed with pajama pants and no shirt. He was on his phone. I laid down on his bed and kissed his cheek. He put his phone down and turned over so he could face me. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. I fell a sleep.

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