Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


12. Out of control

Gabriela's POV.

(2 months later)

Me and Flora were watching the x factor. They eliminated Liam and Louis but then called them back to the stage and said they were going to be put together. What? With who?

"Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry ur going to be in a band." Simon said.

"Omg!" I said and looked at Flora. She was as shocked as me. We sat there in an ironic silence watching the rest of the x factor.

"I really miss them." Flora said. I locked at her.

" Me too." I said. When the show for the day finished we decided to go and have a girls day since it was 3:30 pm. We went through Doncaster. We went to the mall and a lot other places. We were talking when suddenly my phone stars ringing. I have never seen this number. Then i saw '787' it from back home in Puerto Rico. I picked it up.

"Hello." I hear. I recognized my cousins voice.

"Hi, Stephanie?" I said.

"Yes. Its me you ninny!!" She said.

"Omg!! It is you, Fefi!!!" I said.

"Youll never guess were i am!" She said.

"Where?" I said.

"At the Doncaster airport!" She said.

"Ahhhhh" i screamed making Flora jump.

"Yes I got a vacation and they let me leave the base for a while so i decided to come visit you guys." She said.

"OMG!!! Did you get a taxi or?" I said.

"Yeah i already got a taxi and i got the adress i'll see you at aunt Becky's" she said and hung up.

"C'mon Flora I have to get home." I said and pulled her to my car. I drove to my house, i said 'bye' to Flora as i entered my house. David ran up to me and hugged me. See since the guys left I've been staying at Floras. David hasn't seen me since the day he slapped me.

"Don't touch me." I whispered in his ear making him let go. I walked up stairs to see Sussie. She ran up to hug me.

"You finished your studying." Becky asked. I nodded, see i told her i was going on a study trip from school so she wouldn't worry. Becky left to the living room.

"Seriously that was your excuse?!" Sussie said. I shrugged. We both laughed.

"I missed you." She stared. "You know how hard it is to deal with drunk David." She finished.

"Wait, did he do anything to you?" I asked worried. She nodded 'yes'.

"What?" I shouted.

"Shhhh" she shushed me. "Please don't do anything." She said.

"What did he do to you?" I asked. She showed me a big black mark on her stomach. Did he really punched her. I ran to David's room.

"What the hell...why did you do that to Sussie?" I shouted. His face was blank. "Why? What did she do to you?" I shouted as i pushed him. He fell on his bed he got up. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled it.

"You don't need to know!" He said as he let go of my hair. Why did he pulled my hair he only hurts people if he is....ohhh i saw the beer on his night stand.

"You are an idiot." I said as i ran downstairs. I heard a knock on the door and i opened.

"Hiiii!" Stephanie shouted.

"Hey!" I said and hugged her. We entered and catch up. I told her everything that happened and she told me everything about the air force and stuff. Im glad she's here.

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