Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


11. I guess this is Goodbye

Louis POV.

I woke up with Gabriella in my arms. I got up and saw the time. It was 10:30. I shook Gabriella lightly and she woke up. She moaned and move.

"Get up Boo." I said. She shook her head 'no'.

"Ok have it you'r way!" I said. I grabbed her by the waist and put her on my shoulder. She started screaming and laughing. I got down stairs and put her down in the couch. I sat on top of her so she wouldn't get up. I stared tickling her. After a few seconds i stopped. We both stopped laughing. I leaned in for a kiss and my mom walked in. I quickly got up and so did Gabriella.

"Sorry, sorry just passing by." my mom said as she walked passed us and out the door. Well that was awkward.

Gabriella's POV

Louis mom left and I looked over to Louis and we started laughing. After a few minutes we stopped.

"So..what are we going to do?" I asked. Louis looked at me and smirked. I looked at him confused.

He chuckled.

"C'mon!" He said and pulled me out of the living room. "What? Where are we going? Were in are pj's?" I said. He looks at me and lets go of my hand.

"Well you gotta point...will go change and then you'll come with me." He said with a smirk on his face. I looked at him. Im so CONFUSED. We entered his room. I picked out a pair of hi shorts and a white crop top that said 'AINT NO WIFEY' and a pair of high heel boots and my eyeglasses. I walked into the bathroom and changed. I brushed my hair and walked back to Louis' room.

When i entered i saw Louis really nervous, as I walked over to him he passed his hand through his hair. I put my arms around his waist making him jump. "Uhh" he said.

"Whats wrong Lou?" I asked.

"Umm...nothing." He said. "Lets just go." He said. We walked out the door and to his car.

"Here we are!" He said.

"Omg!!! Lou!!! A theme park!!! I have never been to one!!!" I said.

"I know that silly thats why we are here." he said as he poked my nose. We had a lot of fun. When we were about to leave i notice Louis was really nervous.

"Whats wrong Lou?" I asked.

"Umm..well i got to tell you something." He stared. "Im going to...umm...going the...X factor." He said. What? He is leaving!

"But that means...ur leaving." I said trying to be strong. He nods and pulls me into a hug.

"Are...are...are you breaking up with me?" I asked with a tear in my face.

"No! I want to be with you. We can have a long distance relationship." He said.

"Its better than breaking up." I said. We had a long day together since he was leaving tomorrow.

Floras POV

I was at my house lazying around and then i get a phone call from Liam i picked it up.

" Hiya!" I said

"Hello beautiful" he said and i blushed. "I have a surprise for you" he said

"uh-oh Liam what did you do" i said concerned.

"Just be ready in 30 minutes" he said and hung up. I went up stairs and changed into a black crop top with high waisted polka-dot shorts and a cardigan and put my hair in a half up-do. After 5 minutes Liam arrived. I opened the door and kissed him on the cheek.

"Let's goo" he said and walked me to his car. He started the car and "The Way" by Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller and we started singing he rapped and i sang the Ariana parts and we both sang the chorus.

••••••••••••••••skipping rest of boring car ride••••••••••••••••

We got to the London Eye. I gasped and said "Liam" he showed me tickets

"I can't believe you got tickets" i said

"The best for the best" he said as he leaned in for a kiss. We walked to the line and entered the Eye and when we got to the top Liam looked nervous.

"Are you ok?" i said

"I've got to tell you something" he said. I started getting worried " i'm going to the... X Factor" he said. A tear fell out of my eye

"that means we can't see each other" i said and a tear fell out of his face too.

"I'm gonna miss you...a lot" he said

"i'm gonna miss you too" i said as my voice got shakier. We walked closer and hugged until we got out. I was crying and couldn't stop. I could se that he was holding it in.

He looked at my and cleaned my face from the tears with his thumb and said "everything's gonna be ok"

I put my head down cause i was too embarrassed to show my face. When we got to his house i helped him pack. I was so sad but i needed to spend every single minute i had with him since he is leaving tomorrow. Im gonna miss him.

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