Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


19. Heated up

'Andy's party'

Gabriella POV

We where in Zayn's house waiting for Zayn and Andy. We where all siting in the living room. Me and Louis in a two seater sofa. Harry and Flo where sitting in a black leather recliner, Flo on Harry's lap, and Liam and Niall where sitting on a couch.

"Ahhh when are they getting here!" Harry pouted. Just then Louis' phone buzzed.

"Ohh quick hide they're coming!" He shouted and we all ran and hid.

Andy POV

I entered Zayn's house and the lights were all off then suddenly everyone jumped out of different places an screamed 'surprise'. But there was a bit set back....The lights were off! I started hearing things getting bumps and crashes.

"Ok turn the lights on!" I screamed and Zayn quickly turned them on. I saw that Harry, Niall and Louis had fallen on top of Liam. Gabriella, Flora , Zayn and I were laughing our heads off!

"Ok ok we have and announcement!!" Zayn shouted after we all finished our fits of laughter. Everyone went quiet and had there eyes on us. Zayn took my hand and lifted up. "I proposed!!!" He screamed and everyone started jumping around and screaming.

*5 hours later*

It was now 12:30 am and we were all drunk. Including me!! Well I'm woozy! I was sitting on Louis lap and he was kissing my neck. He keep kissing my neck until he got to my ear.

"Wanna finish this upstairsss" He whispered in my ear dragging the 's' out. I giggled and we got up and ran upstairs. (Sorry not giving any details I'm not good at that) Lets just say things got heated up.

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