Why? Just why?

What will happen when Gabriella finds out that her best friend Louis Tomlinson loves her? What will happen when the drama kicks in? Read to find out!


16. Having a bit o'fun

Gabriella's POV.

"Hey!" Flo said from the other side of the counter in the kitchen.

"Hey." I said a bit sad about the news i got.

"What happened?" She asked as she stopped doing what she was doing and turned around to face me.

"Louis told me that Modest doesn't want us dating." I said.

"What? Did Louis and you break up?" She asked.

"No, he said that he didn't care what Modest says." I said. "Can we please just change the subject." I said and she turned around to finish what she was doing.


I was sitting on the couch with Flora and suddenly i got a text.

SUPERMAN LOU<3: hey you and Flo wanna come over to Harry's house?xx

Me: sure will be there in 30.xx

SUPERMAN LOU<3: ok love you...Oh and bring swim suits.xx

Me: k love you too.xx

"Hey flo wanna go to Harry's house?" I asked Flora.

"Yeah sure." She said.

"Good cause we are leaving in 30 minutes...Ohh and bring a swim suit." I said and went upstairs. I took a quick shower and grabbed a blue crop top and a black shorts jumper with white tribal print. I put them on and put on some light make-up on. I put my hair in a messy top bun. I grabbed my blue toms and my pink and black bikini, and headed down stairs. I saw Flora sitting on the couch. She she was wearing some high waisted yellow shorts, a white crop top and some sandels. Her hair was on a side on a half up-do.

"Ready to go?" I asked her as i walked down stairs.

"Yep" she said popping the 'p'. We got in Floras' car she turned on the radio and 'I wish' by Cher Lloyd was playing. I looked at her and she looked at me. We both started singing through all the song. When the song finished we started laughing,

"We are here." Flora said catching her breath.

"Wow that was quick." I said. We both got out of the car and knocked on the door. Then the door opened and standing there was my beautiful boyfriend and my best friend's boyfriend, Harry, standing there with drinks in they're hands. Oh yeah your probably wondering wasn't Liam, Floras boyfriend. Well what happened was that one day Flo was going to surprise Liam at one of the concerts at there first tour and well she was the one who got the surprise and it wasn't a god one. She found Liam in bed with another girl. She was devastated and Harry was one of the boys that comforted her the most he confessed that he had feelings for her and well after the 'UAN' tour ended they decided to give there relationship a chance.

"Hey." I said as i entered and kissed Louis on the cheek.

"Hey baby wanna drink?" Louis asked.

"Sure." I said back. There were about 8 people here. There were the guys, me and Flora, and a girl i have never seen before. I walked over to were Niall, Zayn and the mystery girl were.

"Ohh..Hi GG!" Niall said. GG is my nickname he gave me. We have bonded a lot over the years. Niall is like a big bro to me.

"Hi NiNi!" I said and hugged him.

"Hey don't i get a hello hug?" Zayn complained. See i haven't seen the boys since the 'UAN' tour ended and know they are back from they're 'TMH' tour.

"Hi Zayyyn!" I said and hugged him.

"Oh Gabriella this is my girlfriend Andy." Zayn said.

"Hi, Im Gabriella." I said. "Hi, Im Andy nice to meet you." She said.

"Nice to meet you too." I said and then Louis came and handed me a drink.

"Thanks Lou." I said and took a sip of my drink.

"Hey you guys wanna go to the pool now?" Harry said as he entered to the living room with Flora.

"Sure." We all said. Flora, Andy and I headed upstairs to change into our bathing suits. We started walking down stairs and i saw Louis eyes wide open. I just laughed to myself. I also saw Harry bite his lip while staring at Flora. Boy this is gonna be a fun night.

Flora's POV.

We got to the pool Lou and Gabs had thrown themselves in the pool with the rest of the boys and Andy except Harry. I sneaked up on Harry and pushed him in the pool. He looked at me.

"C'mon help me up" he said. I fell for it and he pulled me in and fell in the pool with him.

Gabriella's POV

We were all in the pool and Flora and Harry had joined us. We were all talking and me and the guys were drinking, except for Flora and Andy. We were all having a great time. I felt someone pull me by the waist away from the rest of the boys. When i turned around i saw Louis.

"Hey." He said.

"Hiii, umm why did you pulled us away from the group?" I asked.

"I wanted to have some alone time with my girl, is that a crime?" He said as i got out of the pool and sat on the edge. Louis was in between my legs inside the pool.

"Louis are you drunk?" I said staring right at his eyes.

"I have had a few drinks but I am not drunk." He said and put his hand on my knee. "You know I love you right?" Louis said and I looked at him a bit confused.

"Of course I do Louis, and you know i love you too right?" I said and he just nodded. We all got out of the pool and dried up a bit. We entered the living room and sat down in the couch to watch some movies. I cuddled up to Louis. By now Niall, Liam, and Zayn are full blown drunk.

"What movie you guys wanna see?" Harry asked.

"Toy story!!" Liam shouted and we all laughed. I cuddled up to Louis and we started watching the movie. When we were watching the movie I saw, from the corner of my eye, Flora passed asleep on Harry's chest. Then I saw that Andy and Zayn were making out. I looked up at Louis who was falling asleep. I chuckled a bit and kissed his cheek and snuggle up to him. The next thing I saw was the ending of Toy Story and fell in a deep sleep in Louis chest.

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