Moving On With Life

"Oh sorry was I interrupting something? Oh ya I am, ill just leave you to it" "Belle wait! I can explain..." "No Niall Horan how could you?" Isabelle asked. She ran to louis's room not knowing what to do besides cry....


2. In Lou's Room

I just ran in Lou's room crying. As soon as he saw me he ran up to me and hugged me. He always finds a way to make me feel better

Lou: Belle please stop crying im going to cry to if you dont

Belle: why?

Lou: because Eleanor left me and do you want your five bucks now or later?

No one in the group like Eleanor except you and Lou, because El is a player. By now we were sitting on his bed.

Belle: Now..... just kidding! But Lou we all told you so and dont let her bring you down im the one who got cheated on


Belle: Hm lets see ill give you hints, she has blond hair, we used to be REALLY CLOSE, and her name is Demi.

I said almost in tears again. But Lou ran out, I followed. He ended up knocking on the boys door and kept saying 'go to my room!' Once all the boys were there we told them what happened then a whole lot of sorry and hugging and threatening came around.

Hazza: in stead of saying threats how about we just make it happen?

Zayn: ya come on!

Belle: No guys dont

But they left anyways. I followed again. Finding both of them naked in Nialls bed!

Liam; so you never learn huh?

They stopped and looked at me in sympathy . I had to play this off. Thank god my eyes arent Bloodshot.

Demi: belle im so sorry.

Belle: sure looks like it. Anyways i want to thank you guys for doing this because i found someone else too we have been dating for a while. Also im inspired. Thanks

I ran out back into Louis's room i started to cry, again. A few minutes later the boy came back in and hugged me

Leroy: im so sorry Belle

Hazza: a strong hug for a strong woman

Lou: its okay little belles

Zayn: ignore him hes just crazy. Plus I wish he could of told you a nicer way

Belle: wait you knew?....



Ohhhhhhh what going to happen next?


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