true love

One direction are on there world tour but what they don't expect is one of them falls in love


2. meet one direction

Dear Dairy 

Me and the other 5 boys of one direction are really excited to go to Rome to do a concert, the tickets went really quick. It's 3 months until Rome and we are getting ready. Zahn brought a house in Rome for all our mums, dads and siblings. They are also excited,we have never been to Rome so it will be something different. me and Niall are the only 2 people of one direction that are single, Niall keeps on saying to me wont it be good if we meet a girl in Rome. Niall is the romantic one of the boys. To promote our new world tour we have a photo shoot and then we are going to Manchester for the our new perfume "our moment" we are signing the perfume i love meeting our fans. It is hours until we need to go to the photo shoot so i decide to check on my twitter page. i find  2 tweets for me i open them and they are two young girls called Erika and Bethany, i think to myself they are nice names they must be nice girls. i messaged them back saying "hi Erika/Bethany i will follow you, thank you love from Louis. After one second after sending the message  Erika and Bethany, they both messaged me back they said "thank you for following me, i am a huge fan of all of you since i saw you on x factor, i have everything of one direction love you all please say hi to all of the boys for me thanks" i love my fans and i could tell these two girls are a big fan witch i love.  Harry came and looked at my computer screen and read the two tweets, he smiled and said i love my fans. Liam came and harry pointed at the screen and Liam came looked at screen and also laughed. He picked up the laptop and went to go and find Niall and zahn. Once he found them he showed them and they both laughed Niall took the computer and message them two girls back. After hours we had to go to the photo shoot so we had half an hour to get our bag ready. We got our coats and we waited for the taxi. When the taxi got here we climbed into the taxi and the taxi driver drove away. 

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