true love

One direction are on there world tour but what they don't expect is one of them falls in love


3. getting ready for 1D concert

Dear dairy 

In 2 weeks me and Jessica are going to Rome, and seeing one direction so excited. I have researched the tourist attractions and there is loads. Me and Jessica have talked about this for ages and in lessons we have been talking about Rome and one direction, instead of  listening but the problem is that we have a test coming up and we kinda need to revise but Jessica has been coming to my house everyday and instead of revising(which is why i invited her to revise together) we end up listening to one direction, we sing along at the top of our lungs and dance. That's how excited we are. Tonight  Jessica has come to my house to study for the test soon, finally we managed to revise but in the background we had to put one direction we revised for 4 hours but then we had a hour rest singing a dancing to one direction, singing at the top of our lungs. Then after a hour of singing and dancing we studied again. Jessica stayed at my house and for hours again we sang and danced again, we went to sleep about 2am and we woke up about 12am. My mum came and get from a 1D store; no sleeves  t-shirts, Jessica is going to wear black jeans and  black bracelets with it and im going to wear dark blue skinny jeans and blue bracelets. me and Jessica decided to go shopping in town we got loads of stuff and we had our dinner at this nice restaurant. and coffee and tea at star bucks. we got back at  7pm in time for x factor and im a celebrity get me out of here together. me and Jessica always watch it together. Jessica's mum is getting married soon so we are also helping her plan the wedding . we love planning the wedding, Jessica's mum is letting us be the maid of honer, so we are excited about that and also we are excited because after the wedding they are having a month honey moon so Jessica is staying at my house, but whiles they are away the 1D concert is on so they have asked us to take pics. Jessica's mum hid they from us because it was going to be our Christmas present but she decide to give us it now for the concert and when we go we can wear  our new clothes but also we are going to wear the big bottle of our moment from the new one direction perfume. it smells lovely. Tomorrow we are going to school,  

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