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4. Niall for Shakra

"Niall. Please stop you're the one who cheated not me!" I screamed.

"NO I WILL NOT STOP!" He screamed back so loud he scared me.

"Niall, you're scaring me stop." I say quietly backing away.

He follows me as I back away. I turn and make a run for the door. Niall grabs my arm and pulls be back making me fall to the floor. I look up with sad eyes. I let my hair fall in front of my face. My hazel eyes turning gray. I stand and run out the front door. I don't know where I'm going. I just run. It starts to rain. Badly. I look for shelter under a large tree. I curl up into a ball and sob. I see a black car pull up on the street. Niall steps out. He slowly walks toward me with his hands up to show he won't touch me. He helps me onto my feet.

"Shakra, I am so sorry. I love you and don't you ever forget that." He says.

I look up into his eyes which have softened.

"Don't EVER cheat again."

I say as I passionately kiss him.

I hope you loved it lovey! Again guys check out my others movella. Thanks for requesting! Love you lovies!-xx

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