One direction imagines

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5. Niall for Kat

I shimmied up my dark blue strapless tight dress and pulled on my dark blue felt stilettos. I let my hair down and put on my make up. I was all ready to go. I grab my purse and head out the door.

-skip drive-

I walked into the club and the bass of the music pounded in my ears. I look around and immediately go to the bar.

"Can I have shots pleas?"

-shots later-

I don't know how I got on the dance floor but all I know is I'm dancing with a hottie!

I think he said his name was Ni somthin' I don't remember. I grind on him as he kisses my neck.

"Let's go to my place." He whispered in my ear.

-the next morning-

I wake up in an unfamiliar room lying next to..... Niall? That's his name!! I'm naked. Crap.

Hey love I hoped you liked it!

Love you lovies-xx

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