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10. Niall for Aria

I sat in on the bathroom floor blighting my nails.

What am I gonna say to him? I can't not tell him. He's gonna find out sooner or later.

I thought to my self as I stared knowingly at the used pregnancy test. I jumped as I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"You okay in there babe?" I heard a worried Irish accents ask.

"No." I wheeze.

I get up slowly and unlock the door. I peek my head thought the little crack.

I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. I didn't realize I had been crying.

"NIALL." I say sobbing.

"Babe. Tell me what's wrong." He said pulling me into a strong hug patting my head.

"I-I-I'm pregnant. Please don't leave me!" I yell.

"Why would I?! This is amazing!" He says picking me up and spinning me around.

I laugh hugging him even tighter. He was gonna be a great dad.

8 months later~~~**

I open the front door to Niall and I's new house. It was huge! I now had a large baby bump and new it was gonna be a boy. Niall soon walked in behind me. He hugged me from behind setting his chin on top of my head. I twirled my wedding band around my finger.

"I love you Niall." I say.

He turns me around and kisses me.

"I love you too mommy." He says smiling.


He lovies so I have gotten a lot of requests that I am rushing to finish but it's so much fun!

Love you lovies!-xx

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