One direction imagines

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8. Louis for Jayde

I laughed rolling back on top of Louis kissing him. He didn't break the kiss this time. The kiss becMe deeper and more heated. He pulled of his shirt showing his abs and chest. I ran my hands up and down his stomach kissing him again. He kissed down my neck hitting my sweet spot making me moan. He quickly rolled on top of me taking control. We didn't notice the front door opening until the last second. I quickly shoot up making Louis roll off the couch.

"Jayde. Oh my god. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Harry bellows.

I just sat there not knowing what to say.

"Fine. We are done. You can have Louis all you want. Just get out of my house." He says.

I nod my head and I watch him back out of the house.

I smile and look down at Louis sitting still shirtless on the floor.

"So... Your place?"


I'm sorry it's so short love but I will make you a longer one if you want. Sowwy :(

Love you lovies!-xx

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