Dream Up A Romance

If you want your own personal romance, let me know you name, the boys name or girls name, informstion about yourself, such as looks, and personality, and age. Then all you need to do is tell me a plot on what you want to do with the boy, or girl :) Whatever you want to happen will happen ^_^ So get dreaming up your special romantic chapter Xx

Girls, and boys can get involved, anyone is welcome to comment there dream romantic chapter xxxx


2. Megites: A Prom To Remember


Megan was a beautiful 15 year old girl. Her brown curly shoulder length hair being only the first feature that the boys adored. Then their was her dark browm dazzling eyes. Being short meant the boys didn't take her very seriously  though. They all found her quite cute, and looked at her like she was a child, rather than an attractive saphisticated young woman. The boys in her year loved to wind her up because she was easily annoyed. Around her friends she was quite a weird girl, but in a unique way. She tended to read a lot, along with writing, and drawing. In her spare time she would take an acting class. She was really good at acting. This was probably because her love life was rather dramatic, and a big confusing mess.

Megan really liked this boy called Kane. But he was just like the other boys. He was in the year above her, so they never took classes together. He was 16 and apsolutly gorgeous. He has short blonde hair and enchanting blue eyes. He is quite tall against Megan, which made her think that he also didn't take her seriously. He had a girlfriend, but still flirted with Megan, making her wonder if he did like her, even if his flirting did tend to embaress her most of the time. Megan did not understand what attracted her to him in the first place. Was it his endless flirting, or was it his slightly mocking, yet gorgeous smile? She tried not to let him get to her as she got on with her school work. After all, she didn't much care for his attitude at times. He really could be quite arrogant and self centered most of the time. But she couldn't help but hope he would change as he grew older.

He never really truly got to Megan she was in year 10 and he was a year 11. She started at his Explorer Group in Scouts. Whenever she saw him, and talked to him at Explorers he seemed to like a changed man. He wasn't the same annoying boy that he was at school. He was a lot nicer, and kinder to her. Without all his friends around he was able to be himself, because he had nobody to show off around. As the days passed Megan grew closer to Kane. However at school he never did change his ways and feelings towards Megan. He was almost at the point of bullying her. Megan was confused and upset as she couldn't work out if he liked her or not. It was rather frustrating for her. But then something unbeliveable happened. He hadn't asked Megan out, but he had however asked her to be his Prom Date!  Megan accepted his offer, and the Principal allowed this. Megan wondered if this was her chance to find out if Kane really had feelings for her... Or if she should use this experiance to forget about him forever...


The Prom

Megan sat in her house looking really nervous. She was watching the clock on the wall ticking away. She was all dressed up in her pretty prom dress, with her make-up all done, and her hair styled. She was tapping her leg as she waited patiently for a knock at the door. The door bell rung as her heart did a somersault. She got up and made her way quickly to the front door. When she opened it butterflies erupted in her stomach. Kane was dress in black, wearing a suit, and his hair brushed neatly. He handed her a single red rose, as he held his hand out to her. She took his hand as he led her to the limo parked on the road. Kane held the door open for Megan. As she got in, Kane closed the door behind her, and got in the other side, so he was sat next to her.

When they arrived at the school Kane once again opened the door for her, as the stood together for a photo. Kane did not once leave her side as they made their way into the school hall, where the Prom was taking place. Their was free drinks and food on long tables with white table clothes. Kane grabbed two wine glasses of fizzy drink, and handed one to Megan. They went downstairs to the dance floor to sit at one of the round tables to drink their drinks. Megan sighed as she spotted some of Kanes mates coming towards them. Megan feared her would leave her all alone to chill with his mates. She began to worry that he only asked her to be his date because nobody is aloud to come to Prom without a date. "Oi Kane, you gunna come hang out with us?" Kane looked at Megan smiled saying "no thanks boys. I think I am going to stay here with Megan". Kane's mates said "Megan can come to". Kane said maturly "no that's alright boys. I think I'm going to spend some time alone with my date". Megan blushed with embaressment as Kane's mates whistled and made childish noises. Megan couldn't help but smile at what Kane had just said.

A song came and everyone began to get into rows. Kane got up, holding a hand out to Megan. "Come on! Let's go dance with everyone else!" Megan took his hand as he led her to a row right at the back. Megan and Kane got into the song as a guy shouted out different commands "slide to the left, slide to the right, criss cross!" Megan was having a lot of fun, as she did the moves, while watching Kane dancing. The next few songs Kane and Megan danced togethet, but they never held hands. Megan kept laughing as Kane busted out some really crazy dace moves. Kane turned to Megan and shouted over the loud music "I'm just quickly going to the toilet". Megan nodded as she went to sit back down while she waited for Kane to return.

Kane was taking quite a while to return, so Megan decided to go look for him in fear that he was off with his mates, and had deserted her. When she got to the toilets she caught Kane kissing his girlfriend. Kane saw Megan and ran after her as she fled the scene in tears. Kane crid out after her. "Megan please wait! I can explain!" Megan ran outside and burst in tears as she sat alone on a bench in the cold. Kane sat beside her and said "I can explain". Megan shouted crossly at him "if you like her so much, why didn't you ask her to be your date instead of me!" Kane said "you don't understand! I dumped her weeks ago because I realized I was in love with you!" Megan smiled slightly at the fact that she finally knew that he loved her. But then she remembered seeing them kissing. "Then why did you kiss her?" Megan said sadly. Kane said "because she only used one of my friends to get to me. She then cornered me when I left the toilets, and forced herself upon me". Megan said with a smile "do you really love me?" Kane said "I have for ages. I've just never had the heart to dump my girlfriend, because I didn't want to upset her. But then I caught her cheating on me, and worked up the courage to finally get her out of my life".

Megan looked at him lovingly, gazing into his eyes. Kane suddenly leant towards her giving her a long romantic kiss. "Shall we return to our Prom then?" Kane said as he held his hand out to her once more. Megan nodded as they both walked together, hand in hand back to the hall. A slow song came on as Kane romantically said "may I have this dance?" He put his arms around her as they both slow danced to 'Angels' by 'Robbie Williams'. They held each other close as they danced to the music. As the chorus for 'Paradise' by 'Coldplay' came on, Kane kissed Megan oncr more. As Prom came to an end Kane turned to her and said "so, who's going to be your dare when you go to Prom?" Megan said cheekily "guess". Kane said with a laugh "oh I dunno, it couldn't possibly be me". Megan said with a smile "who else would it be" as they walked hand im hand towards the limo waiting for them.

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