~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


17. I'm Done.

      Kasia's P.O.V





          As I woke up i see that Oliwia, Niall, and Harry were still sleeping... I decided to put on the TV on because I was really bored.... I was looking for something to watch and I see that E News is on. As I was watching I saw ''Is Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles dating?''  ''Watch after the break''  



I just couldn't speak... How could he!?!?!  I thought that he was the perfect guy, but I guess I thought wrong. I'm just another random person to him.... I didn't notice that I was crying this hard. I'm done.


I will just go house and cry in my bed and maybe just take a nap and eat ALLLL day!





    I decided to call my mom to pick me up..



        ****Calling Motherrr.****




                        k-Hey Mom!

                        M-hi and where are you??

                         K- Oliwia's house.. I slept over.. Can you pick me up?

                         Mom-Sure.. Be there in 10 mins.

                           K-Okay thanks mommyyy! 

                            m-Love youuu!

                             K-love you too 


                        ****(CALL ENDED)****




             I put my jacket and just left. I go outside and wait for my mommmyyy... 


                  --*10 MINS LATER*--



      ''Why are you yelling??!?! SHUT UPP!!!!!!''

     ''Let's just go already.. I'm not in the mooodd!'' I say in a funny accent.

    '' You are not funny I amm!!''



    Harry's P.O.V



     I woke up to see that Kasia is not next to me. I got really worried so I decided to wake up Niall and Oliwia.


      ''HARRYY SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEPP!'' Niall said with his sleepy voice.

     '' Oliwia, Kasia is missi-n--''

      ''KASIA IS WHATTT??!?!''

     ''She's not here!'' I said as Oliwia's face looked like she was about to cry..

    ''Guys, Kasia went home. Because I heard she was talking to her mom..'' Matt said as he came from the kitchen.

   When he said that, I started to run to my car and drive to Kasia's house..




       -- 10 mins later-- 


   I make it to her house and I start running to the front door.. I start ringing the doorbell and some teenager opened it. 

      ''Hi. What do you want I'm trying to sleep!!!''

      'HMM,, is Kasia here?''

      '' yeah'' she says where she shows me where Kasia's room is.

I see Kasia's door closed. I just start knocking on  the door.

   ''GO AWAY LEAVE ME IN MY ROOM'' She yelled crying...





































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