~You And I~

This story is about two Polish girls that live in Connecticut and are in love with
One Direction. Their names are Kasia and Oliwia. What happens when they go to a One Direction concert? Will they meet the band? Will anyone fall in love?


4. ~~~~~CHAPTER 4~~~~

Kasia's P.O.V

The three bitches names are Abbie,Addie, and the the one I hate the MOST bossiest person EVER, Ashley. "Hi Nerd #1 and Nerd #2" Ashley said. "Yeah hi nerds" Abbie and Addie said together "God they are so annoying!!" I whispered to Oliwia. "Excuse me what the hell did you just say to us??!!??" The three sluts said all together. "You heard her bitch!!" Oliwia said. I started laughing because this was mad funny! "What are you laughing at ugly face?" Abbie yelled. "At these three stupid girls right in front of me!" I said. "How dare yo--u?Abbie started to say ****RINGGGGGG** "we will get you later nerds!!" Addie said .




"I can't believe I was ever best friends with those faggs!!" I said "I know!" Oliwia agreed. "Let's go to 1st period." I nodded my head. We walk to Math class and sat in the back of the room.





"Miss Kasia and Miss Oliwia why were late for my class???????!??!" Mrs. E said. "I'm sorry it won't happen again." Oliwia said and I just nodded my head. I can't wait until school is over so I can find a way to sneak backstage of the concert. I thought to myself..







I'm DONEEE yay!!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter Oliwia will do the next one!!!!! BYERER!! ~Kasiaa

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