Within these pages

For Eden, books, particularly stories, hold memories. Precious moments caught between the pages. And there is one place that she keeps these memories: the library. Join Eden on her journey of remembrance.


5. Nightmare

In a midst my reminiscing, I had not noticed the darkness surrounding me, the blackness impenetrable. I panicked as I felt the weight of the shadows, curling around me like vipers poised to kill. Dark shapes attacked me, shady figures taunted me. The world swirled as I frantically moved in ever decreasing circles, searching, searching for a way out of this madness. Without warning, a shadowy fist lifted me up and hurled me into the infinite mist. I screamed a silent scream as the wind tore the breath from my throat. My senses were dulled; I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, I could hardly breathe. All of a sudden, I was falling, falling, falling, and I could not save myself. A jerk pulled me back to reality.

As I regained consciousness, I became aware of a cold, hard surface beneath my head. I opened my eyes, but it made little difference. Wherever I was, it was pitch-black. Struggling slightly, I lifted myself onto my knees. I felt light headed and nauseous. I didn't trust my legs to hold me so I stayed kneeling. I swivelled my head in an attempt at discovering where I was. Nothing.

No, not nothing. I heard the low rumble of voices, too far away to gleam any information on the conversation. But they were getting louder, and closer too. Panicked voices, chaos and confusion clear in their tone. As they rose to a crescendo, I could make out certain words:

"The girls...Safety...Distraction...They'll kill you...Not leaving you....Get out!....Go!"

The last few were shouted, very harried and anxious. There were other noises to, now, other voices. Loud, angry voices, and the 'stomp, stomp' of heavy boots;  the bang of a door, and the 'clang' of a great clock. That sounded exactly like the sound which had frightened me so much earlier!

But that would mean...

Oh, my, God! No!

I knew exactly where I was, and exactly when I was too.

I knew who the figures that were rushing through the murky darkness were.

I knew who was chasing them, gaining on the three fugitives terrifyingly quickly.

I knew who's face peered out from behind the curtain, who's arm kept her safely hidden, who's hand kept her quiet.

I remembered, and I did not want to remember.

Amber eyes followed my gaze as I searched the room, seeking those doomed shadows. The predators stalked they prey, the dusky shadows surrounding the three frightened figures, who, in the presence of such intimidating souls, seemed to shrink. The looming shades engulfed their victims, snuffing out the light that had illuminated the scene.

Back in darkness once again, I grounded myself against the feeling of the floorboards beneath me, and the pain that blossomed in my numbs legs as I moved, until that was taken away as well. The swirling mist came at me, a fusillade of question marks that had no answers.

Eden, that scared young girl, is my past, and now I am ready to face my future, to get answers to the questions that have plagued me for eight long years, to calm the raging furnace of emotions that burns within my heart.

I am ready.

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