Within these pages

For Eden, books, particularly stories, hold memories. Precious moments caught between the pages. And there is one place that she keeps these memories: the library. Join Eden on her journey of remembrance.


3. Family

Warmth and light flooded the room. The sun shone through open windows, letting a summer breeze flit into the room. A family sat in between the books. The space was full of laughter and joy.

I stood in the corner, observing, a shadow in a lost time.

"Once upon a dark and stormy night..." Mother had lowered her voice so everyone else had to lean forward to hear her.

A shrill voice broke the atmosphere. "Ooh! A story!"

"Be quiet, Eden!" scolded the older girl sitting next to her. Both children sat on the floor, leaning on their father, opposite their mother. Uncle Drake was sat next to her. Mother was a beautiful woman. Father often remarked that he had fallen in love with an angel. So it seemed to the two young girls. They thought their parents were the most wonderful beings on Earth. That was as it should be.

"Don't annoy your sister, Annie. She's only three." Father's deep, loving voice boomed out, trying to sound harsh but failing.

"Yeah Annie!" Eden stuck her tongue out at her sister, who promptly turned her back on the scene with a humph.

Mother's china laugh was accompanied by Uncle Drake's mischievous voice.

"You act a lot older than your five years sometimes, Annie-girl." He grinned at her, breaking the tension slightly.

"Come on Mother. Story time!" Eden once again dramatically announcing her presence in the happy scene, tugging on her mother's skirts.

She smiled down at the toddler, affectionaly tousling her messy curls, as the family settled down to listen once more.

I relaxed as I let the sound of my mother's voice wash over me, the words of a magical tale flowing around me, comforting me. Smiling, I watched my three year old self smile with me.

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