the marauders

What would happen if Sirius fell in love with Lilly? Would James still get her or would it be a whole other story? Read to find out....


2. the marauders

4 years later..

' How come you never told us!?!?!'James said

' there's no easy well to tell someone that!!' Said Remus

' All you had to say is guys, don't freak, I'm a werewolf.' Mumbled Sirius slightly hurt Remus didn't tell him.

'Enough of me and werewolf, how about Sirius and Lily?'

They all laughed

'Ummmmm, did I tell you we kissed?? I have also trained myself to become an animagus? A big dog, I could train you guys? Ah, I got an idea, we could help Remus with his transformation every month!! 

Sirius smiled with his own though.

'Alright, I'm now going to call you Padfoot. I want to be a stag!' James said.

'I want to be a rat!' Peter cried

'Of course you do, you should be called Wormtail and James should be Prongs and Remus can be Moony!! We could Be the maruders!'

Siruis cried

'Here are the books about animagi, come back to me in a month once you have read the book.' Sirius said

'Night guys' They chorused


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