the marauders

What would happen if Sirius fell in love with Lilly? Would James still get her or would it be a whole other story? Read to find out....


3. the marauders first moon

' Come on guys! If I don't get to the shreaking shack shack There will be problems! I don't think Dumbledore will be best pleased.' Remus said 'Shreaking shack?! What the hell is that?' Sirius replied ' under the whomping willow! Oh right. Getting under the whomping willow might be an issue. Just run really fast to the hole in the bottom of the tree, ok?' Remus said ' ok' they chorused They four boys ran at the whomping willow and went through the hole into a little room where Remus started to transform. He got very tall very quickly. 'Umm, James. Maybe we should transform into our animagi form now!' Sirius shouted over Remuses howls. 'Right!' James shouted. To all their suprise , Remus didn't attack them he wanted to chase them. -The morning after- 'Come on James, let's take remus back into the common room' sirius said 'Ok but he's asleep.' Said James 'Then we will lift him there' Sirius said irritably
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