the marauders

What would happen if Sirius fell in love with Lilly? Would James still get her or would it be a whole other story? Read to find out....


4. the aftermath of a transformation

'James he's waking up! Remus... Remus..REMUS!' screamed Sirius 'W-w-hat, what happened. Oh right, full moon then?' Remus said weakly 'We're getting there. Do you need to go to the hospital wing?' Said James. 'Right, yeah. I will. The teachers know. I'll be fine to get there.'said remus -In the hospital wing- ' Madame Ponfrey, its me, Remus. I just had the full moon. Can I have my potions.' 'Oh, Remus, yes of cours! Have a lie down. I'll get everything!' Said poppy.
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