the marauders

What would happen if Sirius fell in love with Lilly? Would James still get her or would it be a whole other story? Read to find out....


1. year 1

                                 He shouldnt have done that......


James, Sirius and Remus were walking up to their dorm 

When Sirius blerted out,' isn't Evens hot?' James and Remus

Laughed. Sirius went Griffindor red. 'I didnt mean it like that!!!'

' 'course, Sirius. This must be our dorm. Let's go in.'


Next day

' GET OF HER, SNIVERLY' James shouted

' Get of her Snape. NOW!'

Serverus stepped back, but grabbing James by the scruff of his roab

' JAMES, GET OF HIM!! Sirius, stop him, please?' Lily pleaded

'Come on James, snivley isn't worth it.' Sirius mutterd.

'Bye Evens' they chorused 



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