A World of Lies

Sixteen year old Abby Lee lives in a pioneer world, the only world she ever knew. What happens when she runs away one day, straight into the twenty first century. She finds out her entire world was a lie built to keep criminals in line. Will she even survive the experience? Will the people who put her ancestors there try to put her back? Maybe even wipe her memory?

(Cover by PJManga101)


1. Why do I stay?

July 2, 1778

Dear diary,

     Today I caught the merchants son Cody and Mary Ann the tailors daughter behind the school kissing! They begged me not to tell anyone but I just ran home. I want to tell her dad Mr. Jensen because Mary Ann has always been mean to me but I don't want to get Cody in trouble as well. Me and him are not exactly friends but he yelled at Jacob when he dumped my water all over me. Anyway I have to go mama is telling me to get ready for school.

                    ~Abby Lee


      I rushed to brush my teeth and get dressed. I put on the pink flowered dress mama made for me last fall. After buckling my black shoes I rushed to the kitchen my shoes sinking into the mud floor with every step. My little sister Sasha cones out of our room just as mama hands me a buttered piece of toast and a glass of milk. I ate hurriedly and kissed Sasha's eight year old head. "Bye" I called as I left for school. I had to walk two miles to get to school. Mama says in blessed to have a school near us and I agree, sometimes. As I walk to school my blond hair blows in the wind behind me. 

           When I reach the school and find my seat the teacher walks in and tells us to take out our slates. Just as I am putting mine on my desk Kaitlin walks in. I almost feel bad for her but then I think of all the times her and her posse bullied me and the sympathy vanishes. I close my eyes as I hear the crack of ruler hitting flesh. I open my eyes and see the red strip on her arm indicating a hard hit. This makes me wonder something I've wondered forces long time 'why do I stay?' 

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