1Direction High School [Hiatus]

A new girl arrives to 1Direction High School. She meets 1D and somehow changes their lives. The boys found themselves falling for this girl. Who will claim her heart?


7. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

At the lunch table, the group were chatting happily when Zayn brought up, "Hey guys so where we going?

"What you guys talking about? Where you going?" Amelia asked between bites of her lunch.

"Oh we're not sure yet. We are given vacation from our manager as a reward for our hard work." Niall said trying to impress Amelia while leaning back and putting both his arms behind his head.

"But what about school?" Amelia questioned. The boys looked and each other then said in sync,

"Fuck school."

"I know right. Who would care about school when we could b on holiday!" Liam cried in excitment.

"But the summer holidays just ended! And schools important for you, I would never go anywhere during school time. Especially when your dad's a police." Amelia said with a shiver as she thought of the last time she ditched school.

The boys looked at each other once more thinking what they should do. Should they bring Amelia with them? But since she wouldn't miss school then the only way to still hangout with her is to...

"We won't go then." Louis finished their track of thought.

"What but what about you're holdiay-" she asked confused only to be interrupted by no other than Casandra with Sally and Daisy behind her like lost puppies.

"Hello Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam~"She purred at them sending subtle glares to Amelia.

"Uh hello Casandra..." Zayn trailed off, bored and uninterested.

"Could you please get your chest out of my face Casandra? We just finished our lunch and we don't want to puke it back up." Niall said disgusted when tried to approach him with the top two buttons undone showing her cleavage.

"Hmph. Fine. But it's not over." She huffed, directing the last sentence mostly at Amelia before walking away angrily.

"What's her problem?" said a confused Amelia.

"Don't ask us. They've been like that ever since we came to this school like two or three years ago?" Harry said with a shrug.

"C'on lets go to class." Amelia smiled taking Harry's and Louis hands dragging them to class with others close behind laughing.


A/N-Hello I'm back! Just so you know Im still writing this story~ :3 

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