1Direction High School [Hiatus]

A new girl arrives to 1Direction High School. She meets 1D and somehow changes their lives. The boys found themselves falling for this girl. Who will claim her heart?


2. Chapter 1|New Girl



"Morning class. Today we have a new student joining us at 1D High School." Miss Jones a music teacher, with blond hair that goes up to her neck, blue eyes. She is wearing a white t-shirt, loose trousers with black high heels said,  "Please come in and introduce your self." Just then the door opened and in walked in.

"Hello, my name is Yamakana Amelia. I hope to make many friends in this school!" The new girl, Amelial with midnight blue hair tied in two loose pony tails, wearing white blouse, black pleated skirt, white knee length socks and black boots. She has onyx eyes, long eyelashes batting her cheeks when blinking and pink lips exclaimed happily.

"Please go sit down beside Horan Niall, the guy sitting at the back of the class with  Malik Zayn, Payne Liam, Styles Harry and Tomlinson Louis. I'm sure you know them since the school is named after their band name." Miss Jones said. Receiving a nod and a smile from from the girl beside and started to walk to the back of the class, not noticing the glare sent by the girls in the class.

"Hi Amelia! I'm Niall but you'd know me anyways." Niall said with a grin. "Hi Niall! And I'm guessing those are your friends over there?" Amelia looked over his shoulder and saw Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn waving at her. She softly smiled back and waved as well. "Yep! Those are my best mates in the world! We've been together since year 2." "Cool" The girl replied and turned to face the teacher and started to take notes.

The four boys behind Niall gave eachother a look and tapped Niall on the shoulder. He turned to them and saw them giving him a look as if thinking 'What? How can she act so...calm? I mean we are celebrities and people pay us thousands just to sit with us! Is this girl menta?'  "I'll ask her after this lesson." Niall answered cooly as if reading their thoughts since he was thinking the same. He received four heads nodding at him.

"Ok, before class is over. Remember to do your assignment which is to sing your own song which can be any thing you want. Just no swearing in it. You can either work in groups of five the most or sing a solo. Now Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. Do not and I mean DO NOT sing a song which was already written nor asking your manager to get your songwriter to write you one!" Miss Jones exclaimed looking at the five boys sternly. "Got it? If you do, you will be put in detention for two weeks minimum." Earning a nod from each member of 1D. Sastisfied, she continued, "Good, class dismissed." Just after finishing the sentence, a ringing sound was heard comfirming that it was indead the end of class. Amelia stood and started to leave. However she was stopped when her name was called, "Amelia!" Girls gasping was heard around the room wondering why in the world would 1D run after the new girl.

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