Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


9. Chapter 9


Ross didn't like having to drive me to the stadium in South Philadelphia. It was only forty minutes away, but our (lovely) fans were also on their way to the performance.

Ross groaned loudly when car horns blasted our like policemen sirens.

"Kid, you must be really important if I spend three hours in a car driving you to your gig. I deserve more than what I'm paid." I stifled a laugh at his random comment.

We arrived at my gig finally. The guards were specifically of letting us in due to my disguise. I had to tousle my hair a bit and take off my glasses before they let us in.

"There he is!" Harry cheered as I sprinted down the corridors trying to find Lou so she could fix my do.

"Here I am!" I mimicked him. He frowned from my lack of creativity as a greeting.

"Get your ass in here, Luke!" Calum ordered. I mumbled some rude words before complying to his instructions.

"Sit down. We need to get this stuff straightened out," Lou grumbled referring to my messed up hair.

The screams filled the stadium right before we were about to step out onto the stage. I could hear the chants of my name along with the other lads'. My heart raced, like it always does. I always get nervous before a gig. But not just normal nervous. So nervous I could throw up.

"Carson, calm down," Michael joked with me. I rolled my eyes. The name Carson made me think of Hope. I don't know why I thought of her. My mind wandered back to her big brown eyes and her long chestnut hair that hung perfectly over her shoulders.

Sure, she was beautiful. But I thought nothing less and nothing more of her. She's just a girl who I met. That's it.

"You okay?" Ashton nudged at my arm, a smirk playing on his face.

"Huh? Yeah. I'm fine." It was our queue to run out. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly and let my mind blanken.

You got this, Luke.

The screeches and cheers filled my ears making my adrenaline go bisurk.

"How are you tonight, Philly?!" Calum roared into his mic that was only centimeters away from his mouth. Different answers soared in the air reaching my ears.

"Are you ready for One Direction?" Ashton whined the last two words showing his dismay on the band (he's only joking).

"Well, before get us!" Michael chanted. Laughs filled the premises.

"Let's go!" I boomed before we started our performance.

Calum was cackling at some stupid joke Ashton cracked, Michael was babbling on about how pickles are weird because they're half veggie and half who knows what, and the One Direction lads were singing "Jingle Bells" even though it's only November.

Ross was half asleep in the driver's seat during the ride home. I couldn't help but laugh every time the cars would honk at him for lagging behind once a light turned green and he would shoot back up with a loud snore.

I didn't even bother to change out of my navy blue Nirvana shirt and ripped black jeans when I stepped into the pitch black apartment. I was first startled by the darkness, but after I found the light switch, I had everything under control.

My alarm woke me up with a scare, blaring the same chorus over and over:

And after all, you're my wonderwall.

It's a strange thing really. I can't wake up with a loud, booming song playing, but with a soft melody and rhythm, I'm up in a flash.

I threw on my uniform, and styled my hair the way I have been for three days. I grabbed a banana on the way out while slipping my squared glasses onto the brim on my nose.

Though I've only been attending this school for about two to four days, I've learned some things about it: you cannot be caught walking down the very middle of the hallway or else you will be stared at by all eyes; unless you want to be cut up and eaten alive, you never wear your headphones while walking to your car. Honks and whistles will arise from every which direction to see who can get your attention first. You also must never socialize with the "it" group. I've just learned that, for others, it's bad news what happens to you afterwards.

I strolled into my History class to be greeted one. I was he only one in the room. Not even the teacher was at his desk.

I mean, it's only fifteen minutes before we even needed to be in the school building itself.

I opened up my phone and started messing around on different apps until someone walked in.


I shot her a smile, but received nothing in return due to her eyes being locked onto the tile floor as if were some award winning painting.

"Did we have any homework due for today?" she quietly queried looking my way. I shook my head.

"At least I don't think so. Not 100% positive. And if we did, then I didn't do it," I chuckled. It wouldn't really have been funny if I had forgotten to finish my assignments, but fro what I heard, we had none.

"Okay. Good."

That's when everyone piled in.

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