Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


8. Chapter 8


I had actually made a normal friend in this shithole. I smiled to myself. I had actually done it. Go me.

The bus ride home was pleasant that day. I had a smile plastered into my face the whole time. When I walked back into the house, Hailey was sitting on the couch re-watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

"What is your obsession with that show? I love it, too, but how can you watch the same episode four times?" I asked, my eyes rolling for the millionth time during that sentence.

"I just love it!" I love Hailey; I really do, but I just can't stand her sometimes.

"Okay. That's nice." I strolled into the kitchen to pull out a packet of cakes from the fridge.

"You seem happy," she commented standing in front of me with her eyebrow raised in suspicion.

"Yeah. I guess," I muttered, a small smile forming on my lips.

"It's a boy," she whispered with an evil grin.

"Maybe," I stretched out the word arousing the suspense.

"It is!" she cheerfully exclaimed.

"I said maybe. That doesn't mean it is one for sure." Her excitement simmered down to sadness.

"It isn't?" I chuckled.

"It is," I surrendered. She cheered with a triumphant smile.

"What's his name? What does he look like? Is he cute? He smart?" she bombarded me with questions.

"His name's Carson. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Yes, he is. I don't know yet; I think so." Her eyes lit up.

"He sounds perfect!" she squealed using her hands for effect.

"Yeah. I know." I fell into a daze. He was perfect I guess. He at least looked like it.

"You okay?" Hailey questioned waving her hand in front of my face. I was leant against the counter and my eyes were half open and half closed. I was lost in my own little world.

"Huh? Yeah. Totally fine." I shuffled up the stairs and into my room.

I started to daydream once again about Carson. He looks familiar, too. I just can't exactly put my finger on it.

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