Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


31. Chapter 31


The television was blaring through the small room I was lying in with the Foo Fighters album playing. My eyes were dropping as the music reverberated off the walls to my ears. Just as my eyes shut fully, my phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I rubbed my eyes and spoke with a raspy voice. The timid voice on the other line sat me up straight.

"Luke," she said, obviously crying. I pushed my comforter onto the floor and stood up.

"Hope, what's wrong?" I was pacing in circles, hoping for the best.

"I can come to Austrailia with you," she whispered, her tone changing to a more joyful sound. I stood up from my hotel bed and paced around in a circle.

"Really?" I could feel her ear to ear smile. "Hope, this is amazing! I have to book you a ticket tonight. My mom will love you, I—"

She cut me off with, "I know, Luke." Her voice sounded so light and calm that I couldn't help but sigh.

"This is going to be great. I have to show you the starts at night. They're awesome, and you can see them from practically anywhere." I was walking on clouds as I explained to her all of the amazing features of my small town.

"When do we leave?" she questioned.

"In three days," I answered. The line was silent for a minute or two, both of us just quietly sitting or thinking.

"Thank you," Hope whispered after three minutes of silence.

"For what?" I asked. She took a long pause, most likely pondering over what to say next.

"For everything." She didn't have to say anything other than that for me to understand.

"Ditto," I said with a wide smile. Her giggle made my heart jolt.



Three days after our long conversation, I was packing my bags into the car with the rest of the boys.

"It's time to go home, boys," Ashton said while he stared at his bag, his hand on the trunk.

"I'm so excited to eat cereal at four in the morning," Michael spoke, his lips curled into a smile.

"I'm so excited to see my mum," Calum admitted, his cheeks pinker than usual.

"I'm excited to introduce Hope to my mom," I said as my stomach flipped like a trained gymnast.

On the car ride to the airport, the interior was silent other than the soft music playing from the front of the Volkswagen. My eyes followed the outline of the tall LA buildings and trees. The people were always either hustling to their cars or strolling along the sidewalk.

The exterior of the airport was crawling with girls. Walking through the little pathway the had made for us was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. The teenagers clawed at my arms or tugged at my hood, and they screamed louder than anything. It was total madness.

I am one who hates flying. I think I've crossed the line of hatred and have moved into more of a loathing territory, actually. The sudden drops and the constant turbulence makes me think that we're only a few feet over the ocean, and, with one more drop, I will soon be fed to a frenzy of hungry great white sharks.

Boarding the plane, my hands were shaking as they cuddled my small stuffed penguin. Michael was clinging onto my hand in order to calm me down.

"Luke, we'll be fine. I promise," assured Calum as he took a seat next to me. I always had to be in between the person sitting on the aisle and the poor lad who had to endure the flight next to the window, or as I like to call it, the portal to their doom.

The pilot's voice was projected over the loud speaker, warning us that the plane would be taking off in approximately two minutes. I closed my eyes and took a few breaths.

You'll be okay Luke. It's only a fourteen hour flight. That's not too bad, eh?

I could feel my hands clam up as they grasped firmly on Pengy. My eyes were sealed shut.

The first wheel was off the ground, and the rest were getting there. Once the entire plane was lifted up off of the ground I let out a huge breath. Spontaneously combusting while rolling down the runway was now one of my lesser worries.

The entire plane was soon high in the air, and I could feel my whole body calm down. I plugged in my headphones and just let my mind forget about the death trap I was sitting in for just a short period of time.



Fourteen hours later, we touched ground in Sydney. I was compelled to drop down and kiss the ground after our almost unbearable trip.

Ashton lead us all to the baggage claim, but we first had to eat some real food. Many people might think that three hotdogs per person isn't considered real food, but after all we'd eaten was pretzels and nuts, we needed something more satisfying in our stomachs.

I spotted my green suitcase on the conveyor belt and picked it up, positioning it next to my side. The other boys waited for their bags, and once we all had our belongings, it was time to walk out into the sweet sunshine.....and the hundreds of screaming girls.

Many people get this wrong when asked directly. I don't dislike the girls. I love our fans with a deep passion, but it's times like this when I just want to lay down after a terrible and awful plane ride, yet I have to go take pictures with girls. They are all lovely, but sometimes, a boy just needs to be left alone.

Hope had texted me that she was boarding her plane just as we left for the car. My lips curled into a large smile, knowing that the trip was worth it because soon my favorite person would be here with me.

I clicked my phone off and took a deep breath, preparing myself for this trek to the car. Sure, it was only fifteen feet away, but it felt like fifteen miles away when you're stopping at every step to smile and kiss a girl's cheek.

"Luke!" one young girl called. I turned in the direction to meet the person who shouted this. I found a small girl, about ten years old, standing with her mum. I smiled and walked over to the young girl.

"What's your name?" I asked her. She froze and grasped her mom's hand firmly, squeezing it.

"April," she squeaked. her cheeks were pink and her smile bright.

"Well, April, let's get a picture," I said. Her mom handed me her phone in order to do so. I turned around and hugged her before softly thanking her.

Calum was the first to be dropped off. The Volkswagen stopped in front of his small suburban home. The car was silent and we all sighed. Though he only lives three minutes away from all of us, we farewelled him like it would be six months until our next meeting. Driving away, we could hear Calum's mom scream with excitement.

Michael was dropped off next, and then it was my turn. I locked my eyes on my home the until the car parked. I took a deep breath and opened the car door, stepping out into the cool air. I walked up the pathway with my guitar and suitcase in hand.

I pushed the door open with my foot and called, "Is Liz Hemmings home?" I heard a squeal and my mom drop a heavy object before she came busting around the corner into the hallway.

"Luke!" she yelled before wrapping me into her arms. I hugged her tiny frame, my eyes sealed shut. "I missed you," she whispered.

"I missed you, too, mum." She held onto me for another few minutes before leading me into the kitchen.

"I invited Jack and Paul over for dinner, and you'll father will be home in about an hour. He learned one of your songs about a month ago and wanted to play it for you live, so he's been very excited to do that for you." After she showed me picturesi for events from past family gatherings and recent family visits and trips, she stopped and sat silently. "I missed you so much." I smiled and nodded.



Ben and Jack sat with me on the couch, allowing me to babble on about the tour. I explained to them how huge the stadiums were compared to the first tour, and the elevation of the screams. They asked me about interviews and things of that sort, and I had nothing but amazing comments.

"When is Hope coming?" my mom asked, taking a seat next to me on my bed. I checked my phone, glancing at the time.

"In about two hours?" I laid myself down with my head on my pillow, Pengy nestled next to me.

"Okay. Well, I made the guest room for her when she gets here. Just text me when you leave and get back, okay? I'm going to bed." She bent down and kissed my forehead. "I love you, Luke. I missed you so much, and I'm so proud of you." The mushy talk made me cringe inside, but I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I love you, too, mum." She smiled one last time before she shit the door behind her.

I stared at my ceiling for an hour and a half, my headphones plugged in and multiple band's music blaring in my ears. The sound of rain softly hit my window, leaving only the sound of a faint trickle in my ears.

I checked my lock screen, noticing the time and letting my stomcah do eighteen million backflips.

I shuffled out from under my comforters and slipped on my old black vans.

In the weird event that I don't wear these dilapidated and smelly shoes, I feel naked. My black skinny jeans and my black vans are my staple peices in my wardrobe, and if I'm not wearing either, I might as well not get dressed.

I stepped out into the dark and got into the car. I sat silently for a few seconds, inhaling the familiar scent. It smelled like hoe. Mostly because it was home. I turned the key in the ignition and slowly backed out of our small driveway.

Ten minutes later and I was parked in front of the American flights gate. Hope texted me saying that she'd picked up her bag and would be to the car soon. I locked the doors and slowly leaned my chair back, closing my eyes. Someone tapped on my window, causing a broad smile to spread across my lips, but when I turned to look for the beautiful girl that I'd been waiting for, I was disappointed to see someone else. Though this girl was beautiful, she wasn't the one that I was hoping for.

"Could I get a picture?" she asked me. Every part of me wanted to say no, but I thought it over. If this girl was so desperate for a picture that she knocked on my window and talked in the most nervous voice that I'd ever heard, there as no way that I could say no to her.

"Sure." I inhaled a deep breath as I stepped out into warm air. I walked over to he and slung my arm over her shoulders. She shuddered. "What's you name?" I asked her after camera flashed.

"Adrianne," she said, her voice shaky like her hands and she held onto mine.

"Beautiful name," I said, "for a beautiful girl." Her smile grew, and her cheeks turned redder than a tomato.

I got back into the car, locked the doors, and layed back down. Five minutes later, another person knocked on my window, and this time it was the one girl that I'd been waiting for. I opened the door hastily and rushed to her, my arms wide open and ready to hold her. She jumped into my arms, her face nuzzling into my neck.

"Hope," I whispered in a breathy voice. I sniffed her hair, smiling at her giggle caused by my gesture.

"Luke," she mocked me in the same deep voice I used. She pulled her face away, her legs still around my waist. "I missed you," she said. I put her down and smiled, admiring the height difference between the two of us. I let he reach to her toes in order to just peck my lips. I bent down just enough to meet her lips in a short kiss. "Are people going to take pictures of this?" she questioned. I shook my head, dismissing the worry with another kiss.

"Who cares."

Hope groaned, clutching her stomach. She buckled her seatbelt. "Luke," she whispered dramatically, "I" I shook my head with a smirk.

"Well, we could go through the drive through...or I could whip out m amazing chef skills on you." She smiled brightly, her eyes being the only luminous source in the dim car.

Hope went upstairs to change and put her things in the drawers my mom had cleaned out for her. Just as she turned into the kitchen, I pulled out the eggs.

"Do you have any pork roll?" she questioned, staring at the lone eggs in my hand. I furrowed my eyebrows together. She giggled. "I guess not," she said. I nodded, confirming that thought.

"We have Vegemite, though." I walked over to the opposite side of the kitchen and pulled the small brown jar down from the cupboard. She scrunched her nose. "It's good. Just try it," I ordered. I spread a thin layer of the brown paste onto a corner piece of bread. She took a deep breath and bit a piece. She spit it into the sink four seconds later.

"You lied to me," she protested to my chuckles. I shook my head.

"No, I did not. I though that you'd like it. Forgive me, please." Her pout sent butterflies soaring through my already gymnast of a stomach.

I walked Hope up to her room, and took a seat on her bed. I smiled to myself and proceeded to story tell.

"I remember when Jack had his girlfriend over for dinner one time. I was only like thirteen at the time, and my mom thought that he was changing and his girlfriend was using the bathroom. They were taking a while, and my mom walked upstairs to see if Jack was ready to come down, and she walked in this room to be caught in one of the most heated make out sessions ever." Hope started to giggle at my story before she was having a full laughing fit.

I stood up and grabbed her waist, placing my hand over my mouth with a smirk. "Your laugh is beautiful, but unless you want to hear my mom scream like she did after she walked in on Jack, I suggest we keep it down, darling." Hope shivered in my grasp, her head resting on my chest.

In that moment, I looked at her eyelashes fanned out over her cheeks and thought to myself, I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now.


Guys, I'm so sorry. I know I said I would update, but I've had soooo many scholarship tests and projects just for one school. It's so stressful really, but here's a chapter.

Well, heyyy. It is Thursday. *smiles mischievously*

I love you guys and your comments are so cute. It really brings me a lot of happiness that I know that you guys actually get excited for these updates.

So thank you for that. I love you guys and I will have a chapter out soon, hopefully. I don't know when, but once winter comes, I'll be updating normally.



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