Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


28. Chapter 28


Hailey's eyes bulged and her mouth dropped. "He kissed you?" she screeched, throwing the pillow she was rightly clutching across the room.

I nodded, my eyes wide as well. "I mean, not on the lips, but he was in very close proximity of them." She screeched again, this time adding in a little spazam based dance.

I laughed while she celebrated for me. "Hope, he likes you! Luke Robert Hemmings likes you!" I rolled my eyes, an evident blush on my very pale cheeks. I had a hard time of hiding my heated cheeks due to my Snow White complection.

"Maybe. I don't know. I think he was just trying to be nice," I explained, sighing. Like wouldn't like me. I mean, there's always that slim possibility, but it's exactly that: a slim possibility.

Hailey was still jumping on the bed making the bed springs creak. "I think he likes you. It's so obvious." Hailey continued to rant along a spiel and trying her hardest to convince me that I had a secret admirer who wanted to make the admiration a bit less of a secret.

I declared to Hailey that I was tired and couldn't take much more boy talk for one night, so I sent her to her side of the room and cuddled up under my blankets.

Before I let myself drift off, my mind wandered off to fantasize. What if I was lying to myself? Maybe a part of me knew that Luke had some interest in me, but I was too oblivious to take notice. He does seem to be pretty touchy and loving lately. No one has a cuddle fest one night and then punches you on your shoulder the other. That's not how it works. At least with boys other than Luke.

I tried to let the thoughts disperse into other parts of my mind as I shut my eyes and fell asleep.




School starts in two weeks. I would be happy about that...if Luke was coming back. But, sadly, Luke is leaving to go to Washington, D.C. tomorrow afternoon. They have a few shows there before they move on to California.

He invited me back over to the hotel for the night, offering to have a movie night with him and the rest of the boys. My initial instinct was to abide by their plans, but another part of me told me that it was a terrible decision.

"I can't tonight," I replied with a sigh laced in with disappointment.

"Why?" he asked, a tone of sadness lingering in the words. "It's a Wednesday night in August. What do you have to do?" I could now tell that he was upset by my answer.

"I can't, Luke," I declared, my voice shaky.

"Why?" he questioned, determined on getting an answer. "I want to see you before I go." I sighed again.

"Luke," I spoke in a resigned tone, "I have other plans. They're family plans, and I can't miss them. I'm so sorry, Luke, but call me after your flight, okay?" I heard his heavy and shaky breaths on the other line through the silence.

"Okay. I will, don't worry. I'll miss you, Hope, and I promise I'll be back soon to see you, okay?" I nodded even though he couldn't hear me. "Bye," he whispered.

"Goodbye, Luke," I replied back, my voice tiny and soft.

When he hung, my tears spilled over and the breath I was holding in was released in broken sobs.



By the end of the night I was perched on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and a romantic comedy playing on the living room flatscreen. A knock echoed through the house. I checked the time on my phone and read 8:36. Knowing there were only a few people who would be at my front door this late, I chose the best person for the job.

"Luke," sighed out when I saw him standing on my front steps.

"Where's your family?" he questioned staring past me into the living room.

"They're out," I responded in an icy tone. "What are you doing here?" I asked as I placed the popcorn on the table next to the door.

"Why didn't you want to come over tonight?" he inquired, his eyes biting into mine. My mouth hung open, astonished at the words that just came out of this boy's mouth.

"Did you seriously come all this way to ask why I didn't want to have a great night with you and have you leave tomorrow? Why do you think I didn't want to come!" I yelled, throwing my arms above my head like a mad woman. "You knew how I felt about you Luke, but you just acted like everything was going to be alright in the end. Well, open your eyes because it's not!" I shouted. His eyes widened and his mouth opened and closed multiple times.

"What?" he asked. That was all he said as he stared at me cluelessly.

I took him completely in: the way his light blue eyes with the gorgeous eyelashes that fanned around them would crinkle at the ends when he would smile so brightly that you would think that nothing in this whole entire world could ever bring him down. The way his lips would move so perfectly when he would talk to you in his beautiful accent could make a girl's heart melt inside her chest. And let's not forget about his really hot lip ring and his perfectly quiffed hair. Everything about him was beautiful, and it broke my heart.

"What do you mean what?" I retorted, my eyes narrowed.

"I didn't know you liked me! How was I supposed to know?! You keep your feelings so locked up that you make it impossible for anyone to figure you out!" he shouted. I turned my back and crossed my arms over my chest, my ears flaming. He shut the door and drug his fingers through his hair.

"I don't shut people out," I reprimanded, glaring at him and hoping to get a reaction.

"Yes you do, Hope. I liked you, and, honestly, you should've realized that. I mean I dropped every hint I could think of," he growled, his eyes narrowed as well. I could tell that he was getting irritated, but I wanted to see him upset like this. He deserved it.

"No you didn't! I couldn't read you even if I was a fortune teller! You didn't make it very clear that you had any more feelings for me than you did Ashton, Michael, or Calum. You treated me the same way you treated them: like one of the bros." My arms were still crossed over my chest, and Luke was standing only about a foot away.

"Hope, I let you know in every single way! How could you possibly think I didn't like you? Didn't you see the way I would look at you? I thought and still think that you're gorgeous, and honestly that's not hard to see. And you're personality is something that you rarely come across anymore." Luke's face was red from anger and many other emotions I could see whirling around his eyes.

My back was now pressed against the wall between the staircase and the couch. The couch was to my right and Luke's left.

The height difference between the two of us was immense. Luke was a towering six foot while I was barely six inches over five feet. The half inch slapped onto the five inches made all of the difference to me.

Looking passed Luke for a moment, I noticed a black object fly by and land on his head. I started to giggle in the very serious matter.

"What are you laughing about?" he groaned, throwing his head back slightly.

"There's a fly on your head," I whispered, pointing to it, yet he was so close that I could touch it without stretching my arm halfway out.

He shook his head around and ran his fingers through his hair. "Is it gone?" he asked, a playful smirk on his lips. He knew the affect that damn smirk had on me, and he smiled wide when he saw my cheeks heat up.

"Yeah," I squeaked. Luke leaned down, his hands wrapped around my waist.

"You're so fucking gorgeous," he softly spoke, his warm breath fanning over my face. I closed my eyes when the contact of the hot air hit my face. His breath smelled so different, yet so good at the same time.

"Touché," I answered, my voice barely audible. He smiled and nudged my nose with his. My hands found a way around his neck while I stood on my tippy toes to get our faces closer.

"Oh, Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you," he whispered with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face. It was so big that his teeth weren't even touching, but far apart. It was like he couldn't keep the joy hidden.

I threw my head back with such laughter escaping my mouth that my sides started to become sore. Luke started to laugh along with me before he gripped the back of my thighs and wrapped them around his waist. We were finally the same eye level when I leaned close to his ear and corrected him saying, "My name's Hope, you idiot."

Luke sat down on the couch, readjusting me to sit in a cradle position in his arms. He stroked my hair and placed his forehead on mine to look me in the eyes.

We sat like that in silence for about ten minutes. I had my eyes closed while he rubbed my cheeks and played with my hair that he had taken out of the ponytail.

Luke finally broke the silence by asking, "Would it be terrible if I kissed you?" I opened my eyes with an air bubble caught in my throat. I smiled and looked at his nose for a few seconds.

"Actually, yes, it would be, but I don't care," I answered, gripping the back of his neck and bringing his face towards mine. "No more Frozen jokes?" I queried, a smirk on my lips while I stared intently at his lips. Luke lifted my chin with his finger so I was staring into his eyes.

"Not as long as we don't have to talk," he replied, pressing his lips firmly against mine. My heart felt like it was lodged in my throat. I sat up straight and wrapped my arms tighter around his neck. He stood up and brought me on his hip. He set me down with my back against the same wall we were stood at less than fifteen minutes ago.

He broke our kiss and whispered, "Thanks." before he placed his lips on mine once more. His hands locked around my waist while mine played with the tail of hair at the back of his neck. He pulled my body closer until I was on my toes and there was no space left between us.

I pulled about three centimeters away and said, "I hate you so damn much, Luke Hemmings."

On that note, he smiled, shook his head, and continued what we had started.



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