Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


26. Chapter 26


Luke baffles my mind, really. I don't understand the boy at all. And here's why:

He tells me that he wants him and I to be a thing, yet he doesn't know how that could be or where to start. Another is that he tries so hard to convince you that everything will work out, but he doesn't have a single solution that would be relavent to the problem.

When he walked out yesterday, my eyes glazed over while I stared at the wide open door. I stayed that way for about ten minutes before I got up and shut it.

"I don't understand," I tell Hailey, my voice shaky. "What does he want from me if he can't figure it out himself?" She shakes her head and sighs.

"Boys are idiots. You should've figured that out by now," she chuckles. My face remains straight with my frown still permanent on my chapped lips.

"No they aren't. Not all of them at least. Luke's not an idiot, I guess he just has a lot to worry about," I explain, trying to make excuses for the feelings nawling at my burning chest.

"But that's the thing. If Luke cared about you, he wouldn't be worried about his reputation or what anyone thinks." My eyes raised to meet her gaze.

The it hit me: he doesn't care.

"You're right," I answer in a resigned tone. The sultry feeling resting behind my eyelids burned, making my eyes twitch. "He doesn't care." It was like I was saying this to myself just to hear if the sentence had the same connotation as the look in his eyes when he told me that he couldn't stop thinking about me.

But that idiot doesn't realize that it's too late. It's too late.

"No, Hope. He cares, but–" I cut her off with a dry chuckle.

"No, Hailey. He doesn't care. Because he's a fucking bastard who has one point of view: his rock star vision. It's like some lame ass superpower. How could someone be such a douche?" I started to laugh. This freaked Hailey out because within the minute she left the room.

He doesn't care. He doesn't care at all.

I mean, if he cared would he seriously put me through all of this? No. Because it was all a bet, and I just somehow happened to get caught in the middle of some boyish prank.

My eyes started to itch more than they did five minutes ago once I realized that the tears wouldn't remain in their place. They spilled over my lids and onto the sheets.

One by one tears rolled down my cheeks.

I finally stopped my sob attack by throwing my head into my Justin Bieber pillow and screaming as loud as I possibly could.

"I hate you, Luke Hemmings! I fucking hate you!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, yet the sounds were muffled by Justin's poor face.

Hailey rushed into the room with a slick smirk.

"It's Huke Lemmings," she corrected me in my phase of pandemonium.




Luke called me three days after my meltdown, and as I watched the phone vibrate on the coffee table next to our l-shaped couch, my heart started to beat in such an erratic pattern that I thought I would soon faint or throw up.

"Hello?" I answered, watching my free hand shake rapidly.

"Hope?" His voice was fragile and broken.

"Luke? What's wrong?" I listened to the short sobs escape his mouth. I pictured him there, crying. The short and painful cries escaping his beautiful, soft lips. His glorious sky blue eyes, puffed and red from all of the tears.

"Everything. I can't do this, Hope. I can't be without you. I don't think you understand how hard it is. It's so hard." He continued to cry and whimper until I was in tears myself. "Not being with you is one of the hardest things I've ever endured. You're smile, it just makes my heart flutter. And your eyes? Wow, your eyes, they're mesmerizing. Your voice is also something else. When you speak, it's like the whole world around us is just frozen. Like we're the only two people on the planet. I love everything about you, Hope, and I can't stand being away from you for this long." He continued to sob, while I sat there, on the couch with a wide open jaw.

"Luke?" He stopped crying for a moment to listen to me speak. "Where are you?" He sniffled a few times before stifling ask answer with a pained voice.

"We're in Trenton right now. We have a show in four hours." I sighed.

"Okay. Goodbye," I said, hitting end in a second.


"Thank you so much for picking me up, Ross," I thanked him. I watched the buildings and cars racing by us as he sped down the highway.

"No problem, kid. I understand the seriousness of the situation." I had gotten Ross' phone number because he insisted that I'd need him one day. He told me that he could help me out any time. The first time I heard that, I was ready to call the police, but the smile on his face showed that he would be prepared for an emergencies.

"What time do they go on?" I clicked my phone on and checked the time. It was 6:49. Ross was flying down the road, but we still had about an hour to go until we reached the venue.

"They go on at seven," he told me, glancing at the clock on the dashboard.

"I hate to be pushy, but could you please go a bit faster?" I insisted.



Once we arrived to the stadium, Luke and the boys were on stage with three more songs to perform. When I walked back with Ross after our little mix up with security, they were singing an unfamiliar song to the media, Close As Strangers.

"I love this song," I whispered to myself. Luke's solo came on, his voice cracking with the emotion he out into the lines. I smiled from ear to ear when I watched the performance.

They ended the song and moved on to Good Girls, picking the crowd up into the air.

They finished Good Girls and Out of My Limit before they said thank you for the amazing audience and introduced One Direction with their video entrance.

The boys came off with sweaty hair and bright smiles. Luke was joking around with Ashton when I coughed loudly. They all stopped and looked to their right, where I was standing.

"Hope!" Luke yelled. He ran to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, mine slithering around his neck. "What are you doing here," he spoke into my neck.

"I came to see you," I whispered, smiling into his smelly and sweaty neck. "You wreak, man." His smiled appeared on my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

"I don't care. You smell perfect." My cheeks heated up in that moment, me trying to hide my face in his shirt. "Then again, you're perfect, so it just seems to make sense, doesn't it?"



Yeah, I know it's short, but I had such a limited time throughout the past two weeks to update. I'm sorry. *starts hysterically crying*

BUT....there's good news.

I'm planning on going along with this book up to about forty or fifty chapters. I have some events in my head, but the chapters might not be too, too long, so, again, I'm sorry.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Update next thrusday!


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