Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


12. Chapter 12


I couldn't face my family after what had happened.

It was embarrassing.

He got close to us for a moment and I panicked and shoved him out of the door.


Hailey lightly knocked on the door as she cautiously opened it.

"You okay?" she asked with furrowed eyebrows.

I chuckled softly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. No tears, see?" I pointed a finger to my eyes that were perfectly fine on the moisture meter.

"I see, but I do know why you made him leave," she said, her eyes staring right through me. "You can't push everyone in this world away the minute they get close to you," she whispered.

"I didn't push him away," I argued, though we both know I did.

"Stop being stubborn. You did." With that she left, leaving me there to argue with myself.

Hailey knocked on the door once again.

"Yes?" I grumbled.

"Dinner," she stated bluntly. I nodded and followed her down the stairs to the kitchen table.




I didn't hesitate to leave the table once I had inhaled the food on my plate. Everyone was silent, including Anthony. That's not normal. He loves to talk about school and everything that's going on. Same with Hailey.

I didn't know what to say or do, so I just stood up, whisked over to the sink, and chucked my dish in.

Hailey followed me up to our room.

"What was that?" I scoffed at her question.

"What was what? I was done," I argued.

"Why are you so negative? He was trying to help, yet you throw him out. You need to learn to open up. Maybe let people in once in a while." I was enraged at her words.

"Where's your room to talk? You don't open up either! You always say you're fine and throw a smile on your face, but you're lying, and we can all see it."

She stepped back with glassy eyes.

"I'm trying to help," she whispered. "Not tear us apart."

She left, quietly shutting the door on her way out.

I don't know why I do this, I thought.

Ever since I came here, I've had this trouble. It's something I just find impossible. But nothing's impossible.




I soon apologized to Hailey when she came back upstairs to get clothes for her shower.

"It's fine," she muttered.

"No, it's not. I'm sorry." She stopped rummaging through her cluttered drawers and stared at me for a while.

"I said it was fine. I understand. Don't worry." She didn't seem to be in the mood today. I let her be the rest of the night.

I was up until about five in the morning.

I didn't mind being up that late, but I was thinking of what happened and how freaked out Carson might be. I invited him in and then threw him out after he practically performed surgery on my nephew. That sure is normal.

I threw the covers off of my body and tiptoed down the steps and into the kitchen.

I opened the squeaky cabinet cautiously. I pulled out Hailey's Niall Horan glass and filled it with ice. I pressed the fridge dispenser button to let the water flow out.

Hailey had followed me once again.

"Why are you up?" I asked her in a hushed tone.

"I couldn't sleep either, and I heard you come down here." She eyed the cup currently in my hand. "Is that my babes?" I lightly chuckled trying not to make much noise.

"Yeah. Sorry."

"Enough with the sorrys," she ordered with a small smile.

We watched one of Hailey's favorite movies, Keith. It's such a sad film. I don't understand why she loves it so much.

"That was flawless!" she bawled. I tried to shut her up hoping she wouldn't make as much noise as she was.

"Yeah, I know, but could you pipe down? Do you want to have to try to put Anthony back to sleep?" She quieted down after hearing my proposal. Anthony is a heavy sleeper, but if he does wake up, it takes him forever to back to sleep. He is full of energy after a ten minute nap.

"Ok. Ok." She started to silently giggle at herself.

"Want to play another movie?" I asked, already standing and making my way over to our tower of movies.

"Sure. Can we watch Mean Girls?" I groaned and nodded.

"You always want to watch this," I complained, earning a giggle from her as well as an imitation of her favorite emoji pose.

"I guess so. You can't sit with us!" she quoted in a girly high-pitched voice.


Fifteen minutes in and Hailey had her head resting on my shoulder sound asleep. I chuckled with a shake of my head. I pushed her head off gently and stood up so she rested on the couch. I turned the TV off before walking back upstairs to sleep.

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