Silenced Heart

Luke Hemmings loves the fame. The sound of the girls screaming his name and the flashing lights. His band members see this, so they make a bet. If he can last without the fame, he'll be paid. Luke goes back to school, and he meets a girl who flips his entire world upside down. When the bets over, he has one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make: leave her or hold on for as long as he can.


10. Chapter 10


Carson was cut short on our conversation once everyone in my period starting to race in like angry beasts. His head turned to the front of the class the moment the door slammed shut.

It's honestly very sad that I am not a talking-type person. Never have been. Doubt I ever will.

History isn't my best subject, and it's pretty obvious that I hate it as well once you take a glance at my report card. I like doing things by myself, though, no matter how hard it is.

Mr. Larkons knows my weaknesses in this classroom, one of them being my socializing issues. In my school, you keep the same history teacher your whole high school life. Mr. Larkons has been teaching me about dead guys since my freshman year and he loves to torture me by forcing me into a group or pair for a project. At least that's what I think.

That's what happened that day, too. He took another stab at me making some friends. Mr. Larkons and I are more buddies then teacher and student. He wants to see me make acquaintances and I want to see myself alone.

Mr. Larkons started off the class by announcing, "Class, today we are going to be starting a project. This project will be a pair of two. You and your partner will need to come up with ways that how our founding fathers created our country affects us now. Think of things like our government, our school districts, etc. I will be posting the list of pairs onto the door after class."

And with that, he moved on. He flashed me a sly smile, knowing I was ready to attack him. I was about to prounce like a cat and claw him. He knew it, too.

Now in any other normal girl's mind, she'd want to be paired with her crush. But, I'm not a moral girl, and I wanted to stay as far away from Carson as I possible could. I could sense that Mr. Larkons had paired me with him just because I was talking to him from the start.

Talking to Carson wasn't like talking to someone else, though. It felt...natural. Like I didn't need to stress about what I would have to say next. And I likes that.




Of course I was right! Most of the time I'm right. But this pushed me over the edge.

The list read the names of the pairs. My eyes scanned over the sheet pinned up to the wooden door until I landed on my name. I was paired with Carson.

Wow. What a shock.

My life sometimes seems to realize that I am uncomfortable with something and don't want to be near it or have to cross paths with it, and it just laughs at me. In my head it sounds like this, "Ha ha. You deserve to be tortured. Here's what I'm going to do, and deal with it."

Carson some how snuck up behind me and shouted in my ear.

"Ahh! Stop it!" I reprimanded him. His grin dropped and was replaced with a frown.

"Sorry, partner," he apologized.

He knows I'm his partner?!

"Now, scoot your boot so I can see who I'm paired with!" he ordered me out of the way.

Wait, he doesn't know?

"Hey, you're my partner, partner!" he chuckled while congratulating himself on his sly joke.

Well, he knows now, I guess.

I let out a forced laugh so he didn't think I was uneasy about working with him. He could most likely notice, anyhow.

"Are you okay? You look pained," he stated, pointing out for me that I didn't like this. At all.

"Yeah. I'm I'm fine. Just feeling a bit sick, I guess," I lied. Exchange students aren't the brightest, as he believed me and just blabbered on about all of his ideas for our project.

"So, I'm thinking we could do a poster on each of our different topics giving the details on how they affect us today. Or we could do a slideshow on my laptop. We could also write a story as if were a famous author who's writing about all of these."

I told him I liked his third idea.

"Where are we going to meet for this?" I asked. He scratched his imaginary beard, as he calls it, and pondered on where we should take care of this project.

"I would say mine, but....that won't work," he bluntly replied. I nodded. I was praying that my house didn't scare him.

"We could go to my house?" I suggested with hesitation in my voice. He nodded rapidly with a smile brighter than the moon.


"My house isn't the most...well...welcoming, friendly, clean, or controlled. You will most likely walk in on my fifteen year old," I paused mid sentence wondering if I should tell him about my niece, and nephews, "sister who obsesses over One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer," I admitted with my head drooped down in between my shoulders.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard that.

"That...sounds...awesome!" I giggled at his victory jump and fist pump. He sure is energetic.




Carson and I walked back to my house. I didn't feel like taking the bus because it would've been awkward with him seeing I get on the bus with a bunch of creepy men, who usually try to stare down my shirt with the advantage of their height.

"This is my familia," I stated when I heard that everyone was home today. My brother and his wife had off today, as well as Anthony and Michael. Hailey is just always home before me.

I swung the door open to be met by Spade and Andrea, my two dogs who have issues with guests. Andrea attacks the visitor, and Spade snarls and barks, cheering Andrea on. Andrea is a bulldog, and we for really know what Spade is, but she's huge.

"Whoa," he breathed out in a mutter.

"HOPEY!" Hailey screamed until she realized I had company. "Oh, hi!" She shook Carson's hand while introducing herself.

"Aunt Hopey!" Anthony cheered. My cover was blown by my seven year old nephew.

"Aunt?" Carson queried. I played it cool, whispering in his ear that he calls me that as part of some insider we have. "Ok," he mumbled.

"Hope, can you come in her real quick?" Sheryl pleaded. I could hear that Anthony wasn't being much of a help in the kitchen after he had left us.

"Ill be right back," I grumbled. I followed the sound of the screams into our tightly packed kitchen. I'm guessing my brother and nephew were out.

"Yeah?" I took one glance at Anthony crying on the floor with broken glass around him and understood what had happened. I still had Sheryl inform me on the incident, though.

Hailey was crouched down picking glass from his heel.

"He was sprinting in here after talking to you, and he ran into me. I dropped the glass of tomato sauce on the ground and he fell with it," she explained. I nodded and bent down to help Hailey.

"Hope is everything- oh my gosh! What happened?!" Carson pushed me out of the way and picked up Anthony. Hailey was just as shocked as I was when he asked me where my bathroom was.

"Carson, he's fi--" he cut me off before I could finish.

"Do you have a first-aid kit, too?" He was already racing up the stairs with a bloody Anthony bawling his eyes out.

Hailey mouthed to me, "That's Carson?" with a thumbs up and a wink. I rolled my eyes before scrambling up the stairs to assist Carson.

"Hey, buddy, it's going to be alright," Carson soothed the frantic child.

"It hurts," Anthony yelped. Carson had found the tweezers and was talking to Anthony while gently removing the pieces of glass from his foot.

"I know. It's going to hurt."

"Who are you?" Anthony questioned.

Carson let out a deep chuckle before replying, "I'm Carson, one of Hope's friends."

"Auntie Hope?" I cussed under my breath from the little butt who kept blowing my cover.

"Yup." Phew.

I knocked on the wall asking for permission into the bathroom.

"Is everything okay in here?" Anthony flashed me a smile while Carson was bandaging his foot up in gause and athletic wrap for a sprained ankle.

"Yup. I think he's okay now," Carson concluded. I chuckled at Anthony's face showing he wasn't too happy with the whole thing.

"It hurt, and I didn't get a taffy for being brave," he scolded us.

"Fine. I'll get you a taffy right after you thank Carson here for helping you," I ordered.

"Thanks, Carson!" Anthony hopped off of the toilet seat and limped down the steps to retrieve his taffy.

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