Step brother

Step Brother
"Sweety! Wake up!" my mum woke me up at 3:30 am. Well, I’m (Y/N) and I live in L.A. only with my mum. My dad leaved us, when I was very young. I’m 16 and I don’t have any brother or sisters........

This is a amazing story from: officialjustinbieberimagines
I just want to share this beautiful love story with you guys❤️


34. Step Brother - 34


"Ok!" I yelled and smiled. I turned to him and kissed him. "Good night." I whispered and put my head on his chest. "Good night princess." He whispered and kiss my forehead.


Next morning:

I woke up and saw Justin was no longer in bed. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. “Justin?” I called him. I stood up and walked in the kitchen. “Morning.” Justin said and kissed my cheek. “Morning. Where’s mum?” I asked and sat at the table.

"Shopping." Justin quickly said and made one bite of pancake. I nod my head and drank one sip of my tea. "I’m kinda nervous…" Justin said and smiled. "You don’t have to be. It’s gonna be awesome!" I chuckled and caressed my hair.

"You’re right." Justin sighed and walked in the bedroom. "And don’t forget to pack your stuff!" I screamed. "Sure." Justin yelled back. I ate my breakfast and cleaned the plates. While I was cleaning the table, mum came back. "Hey." She said and put bags on the couch. "Hey mum." I said and threw cloth on the sink.

"What’s that?" I asked and looked into the bags. "Just food and some stuff for the house." She said. I nod my head and went in the bedroom.

I saw Justin packing his clothes in the bag. “Where are you going in studio?” I asked and threw myself on the bed. “In 1 hour. And you’re going with me.” He said and pointed his finger on me. I giggled. “Ok, ok silly.” I sat up and looked at him. “What’s wrong?” He asked and smiled. “Nothing, why?” I asked and leaned on my back.

"You don’t wanna go with me?" Justin asked and made a puppy face. "No, I want to! But maybe Scooter wants just you." I sighed. Justin sat next to me and put his hand on my belly. "Don’t worry baby. I want you with me and I don’t care what he’ll say about it. Ok?" He said and hugged me. "Ok." I said and we continued packing our clothes.


"(Y/N), are you ready?" Justin called me. I was in the bathroom, putting make up on my face. "Coming!" I yelled and opened the doors. "You were in for 30 minutes. Why?" Justin smiled. I playfully rolled my eyes. "I need to look beautiful." I said. "But you’re always beautiful." Justin kissed my cheek. "Liar!" I chuckled and hit him a little. "I’m telling the truth." Justin said and held my hand.

"Bye mum!" We yelled before leaving the hotel room. "Bye. Have fun!" She yelled back. Justin opened the doors and we went out. "I love you." Justin said while we were walking to the elevator. "Aww I love you too baby." I said. I put my hand on his back and his arm was on my shoulder.

Later: (outside)

"Taxi!" Justin screamed and taxi stopped. Justin gently pulled me in and sat next to me. He held my hand and told driver directions. "Oh look! There’s Miley!" I said while looking out the window. The taxi stopped and Justin paid. "She’s going in the same studio as we’re going." Justin whispered and smiled.

"Justin!" We heard Scooter called. "Hello Mr Braun." Justin said and they shook their hands. "Please, call me Scooter." Justin smiled and looked at me. "Come, I’ll show you your new studio." He said and turned around. Justin held my hand, but I quickly let it go. "I’ll be somewhere here, waiting for you." I said and smiled. Justin squeezed his eyes a little and made a weird face.

"Why? You can come with me." He said and held my hand once again. "No, it’s your job not mine. I don’t want to disturb you." I let go my hand again. "If you want so." Justin shrug his shoulders and kissed my cheek. I hugged him and he walked in.

I crossed my arms and sighed. I looked on my left side and saw Forever 21. “Wow, my favorite clothes shop.” I said to myself and went in.

The store was so big and music was so loud. That’s what I love when I go shopping. Loud music. I came closer to a shelf with bags. I checked them out and suddenly, I saw perfect blue high heels with the corner of my eye. I quickly turned my head and wide opened my eyes. “O.M.G.” I slowly whispered and touched them.

Everything was perfect, except for for price. “599$? Are you kidding me?” I was shocked. I put the shoes down on the shelf and made a puppy face. “Goodbye my lovers.” I whispered and walked away. “You want them?” I heard from behind. I turned around and saw saleswoman looking at me. “Ofcourse!” I sighed and giggled.

She smiled a little and took them from the shelf. “Come closer.” She whispered and I obeyed. “I can give you for free.” She whispered into my ear and winked. I made a weird face and my head slowly moved away. “What do you mean?” I asked with my suspicion voice. She playfully rolled her eyes and giggled. “Listen, I’m just trying to be nice. You want them?” She asked once again. I nod my head with opened mouth.

She removed the price and the label and put them into the bag. “Thank you for your purchase.” She said and smiled. I looked back and there were 2 people standing in the line. “Thanks?” I said and slowly walked away. I was standing in front of the exit doors.

Before I walked out, I turned around again and smiled at her. She smiled back and I finally walked out.

I was walking to the studio. Suddenly, I saw Justin talking with Scooter outside, in front of the studio. “Hey.” I said and held Justin’s hand. “Hey.” They said in unison. “So, Justin. See you tomorrow?” Scooter asked. Justin nod his head and they shook their hands.

"So, what did you buy?" Justin asked and looked in the bag. "Nothing. I got them." I said and showed one shoe to Justin. "Who gave you that?" He asked jealous. Maybe he thought some guy gave me those, and he always gets jealous about that. "Seller, in the store. I don’t know why, but she said she was trying to be nice." I said and took my phone from my pocket.

"That’s weird." Justin said. We saw my mum waiting for us in the car. "The first one in the car wins." Justin quickly said and started to run. "Yeah, not fair!" I yelled. I had my high heels on and I couldn’t run. "Justin!" I yelled and laughed. "Come on babe, run!" Justin yelled back. I sighed and started to run very slow.

I was running and my bag fell on the floor. “Awesome.” I rolled my eyes and picked up the bag. I started to run again and finally, I ran to the car. I opened the doors. “Wait, where’s Justin?” I asked mum. “He was with you.” She said. I wide opened my eyes. “Something happened to him!” I panicked and threw my bags in the car.

I closed the doors and looked around. “Justin!” I walked to the end of the sidewalk. “Justin!” I called him again. I turned around and walked to the old, closed store. I looked in and there was something moving in it. “Ok, Justin I know you’re there. Please, come out.” I rolled my eyes and tried to open the doors. But they were locked.

"It’s so not funny!" I yelled. Suddenly, I felt two strong arms around me. "Boo!" Justin scared me. I screamed and quickly cover my mouth with my hands, cause I screamed too loud. "Fuck you." I whispered and hit his arm a little. Justin started to laugh. "Seriously, don’t do this again. You scared the shit out of me." I said and walked to the car.

We sat in and all the way to the hotel, I didn’t want to look at him. “Aww I’m so sorry baby.” Justin said and scooted me closer to him. “Silly.” I whispered and kissed his cheek. He hugged me and leaned his head on me. “Aye, you know I love you. I was just kidding.” He smiled and hugged me tighter. “You’re so silly and that’s why I love you.” I said and giggled. “I like when you call me silly.” Justin whispered and we kissed.



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